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I'm not saying there are countries that are extremely poor, most of these companies manufacture in these countries to produce higher profits and lower prices for the west. However in the so called developed countries the US is falling behind in education, affordable health care, and the ability to retire with a secure pension. If you care about your country the way that I do you would want to make it better for everyone and that includes the next generation. My elderly...
The top ten listed corporations are all US based. The USA is a country where 20% of it's citizens under 12 live in poverty. Is our country that much better growing super companies or do other countries actually tax corporations, bringing money back to its citizens and raising the quality of life far beyond the citizens of the USA?
The nerds just got a collective chill running up their spines. What fun it is to go phone shopping and comparing specs and more specs until you decide to wait for a rumored model that will have even better specs. Those days may be ending. The iPhone along with all of Apple's streamlined hardware categories has proven a well thought out and designed product which comes in 3 price points will give clarity to the product line and enough options to satisfy 90% of potential...
Why can't we pick neither?
I thought religious leaders spoke for their god? instead a spokesperson speaks for the speakers of god. maybe this whole god thing is not really true?
The iPad is a shipping product the 10 commandment tablets were vaporware.
How will Google expand it's malware riddled Android OS without the help of Dell, Acer and HP? I guess they will have to stick to phones to spread the joy.
I purchased the first iPad a few weeks after it's release and did not think it was hampered in any important way. It's form and function is still a delight and what limitations it may have had for some users disappeared with the iOS 4 update that followed. Compared to what other companies were messing around with Apple not only showed the world how to put a magical device in our hands, it also showed us all a sneak peek into the future of computing for the masses. There...
Probably the best arrangement for Ivy and Apple. Can you imagine an accountant telling Ivy how to design? Steve had a bro-mance with Jon, that's nice.
Why is there a picture of an iPad in this story about the Samsung model?
New Posts  All Forums: