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Probably the best arrangement for Ivy and Apple. Can you imagine an accountant telling Ivy how to design? Steve had a bro-mance with Jon, that's nice.
Why is there a picture of an iPad in this story about the Samsung model?
Steve has left a huge company behind that works like a startup. As long as Apple keeps this course and is lead by those that put quality, user experience and things that just work ahead of me too products, half baked ideas and more is more products it will continue to lead the industry.
I wonder if Samsung believed the iPhone GUI was okay to use because Google was behind it? Why should Apple sue Samsung when it is Google that created Android? Or do they sincerely believe there is no shame in blatantly copying another company's product?
making fun of someone's physical appearance is sad and is at a level of 13 year old. you should be ashamed of yourself
Critics for the New York Times are educated and not idiots. How much to you know about architecture? The constitution as far as I know says nothing about buildings shaped like donuts. All towns, cities, counties have rules regarding zoning, building sizes, environmental impact, and cultural impact. I am not saying the Apple donut is the Mc Mansion of office buildings but this critic as raised some very good points one is the financial clout the company has and its ability...
Apple calls Samsung out for ripping off it style for mobile devices and now Samsung suddenly "remembers" all these awesome patents and technologies they own and didn't think about it before Apple called them out.
Would it not have been cheaper to pay a nominal fee to the original patent holders instead of all this nonsense?
Google sees it is in big trouble and made a desperate move to ward off or at least ease the tsunami of law suits coming its way. Time will tell if the money was well spent or a rash decision. The Droid OEMs may be getting the picture that they should unhitched their wagons from the google horse before any advantage a "free" OS offered them will soon be worthless.
Live in NYC and walk like most New Yorkers to get from here to there. I have never seen anyone in a park, cafe, coffee spot, or anywhere outside of Best Buy even holding another tablet. Who on earth is suppose to be buying these things? Then again I may have confused the Samsung tablet with an iPad...
New Posts  All Forums: