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OK, I'll try to make this as succinct as possible, but I also want to give all the pertinent details.   Home network, both ethernet and wi-fi.  Basically, 4 rooms have CAT6 service which converge on a switch.  Right now, the ethernet network is set up with a Mac Mini in one room, an iMac in another room, and the DSL modem (though I'm pretty sure this isn't an internet issue) & wi-fi router (current-gen Airport Extreme) are in a third room.  Nothing hooked up to the...
Weird - mine said 5-7 days when I got up at 3:00 to place my order. it also said 5-7 days in the confirmation email. Unfortunately, in my fog, I ordered the wrong model, so I ordered another one and canceled the prior one. That one said 2-3 weeks when I purchased; the confirmation email got unusually specific, however: ship date April 1. Not "2-3 weeks" or the usual range of dates. In any event, since that means delivery is anticipated on April 8, I'm going to see...
Nope I "didn't" realize it was a problem across ALL intel laptops and minis --- I guess my MBP and Intel Mini don't count as part of "ALL".
I'd love to live in a perfect world, but we don't. There are always going to be bugs, and the need to fix them.
So let me get this straight.... You want fewer updates? Which in turn means problems go unfixed for longer periods of time while they wait until they wait "enough time" to do another update? You should be happy that they are fixing/patching issues as quickly as they are.
Yah, you have to remember that you're paying a month upfront in addition to the prorated prior month, plus activation fee. Your usual bill on the $59.99 plan (assuming you don't use up your minutes or SMS messages) will be closer to about $80 when taxes and fees are added in.
I'm afraid I disagree - I know it sounds like Apple mantra, but forget those wrong key hits - the software is intelligent enough in most cases that it'll spit out the correct word in the end. I have huge, thick thumbs and I can two-thumb type quite well on the iPhone now, and I'm a long-time QWERTY blackberry user. I actually don't care for the landscape mode keyboard - because it is too wide for two-thumb typing (!!). I have to revert to one finger pecking.
Eh... I guess "perfectly" is in the eye of the beholder (or ear of the beholder, I guess). The sound quality of the Apple earbuds are mediocre at best. I'd buy the VODA headset earbuds, but found out that while they have a built in mic, they don't have the play/pause, skip track, answer call, etc. functionality (and at any rate, I haven't seen any comprehensive reviews on their frequency response, etc). I'm waiting for Shure to come out with an adapter (they've...
I had the same problem and this fixed it for me, too. I haven't had a crash since.
Most commercial litigation is.
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