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Google maps turn by turn directions are terrible. I used them last night, and luckily I already knew where I was going, but Google maps had me doing U turns, and all kinds of crazy things. Apple maps may not have the place-of-interest catalog of google, or the quality traffic data and good display of that data... but the app is easier to use, more intuitive and the turn by turn is FAR better.
The number of tiles is the same, the board layout differences are the colors and locations of the bonus squares (which offer the same bonuses as scrabble). The rules are exactly the same.... The only thing I can say is, they don't call it "Scrabble"
Words with Friends is essentially a direct copy of Scrabble... if I were EA or Hasbro, I would be pissed. I heard of a small developer developing a tower game, with "bitizens" as the people living there... then Zynga came out with "Tiny Tower" with "Zitizens". One of the worst offenders is one of the "big guys" with the most sales.
New Posts  All Forums: