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Good Zune penetration. *
I just realized that I have no FW drive to work off of. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to use any of these programs without one. Is it possible or do I have no other choice but to find a bootable FW HD? I have an old ibook that has USB 1.1, but I imagine that that won't get me anywhere. Help? --B
Thanks, brain. I'm planning on trying DataRescue and then trying to get my hands on File Salvage if that doesn't work. I've also downloaded some dubious ones from versiontracker and macupdate like Boomerang. Thanks again... --B
Please forgive the length. I hope to post all pertinent info. HW: Powerbook 1.67 1.5 GB RAM 100GB internal HFS+ 500 GB external iomega silver series USB 2.0 HFS+ OS: 10.4.5 SuperDuper: v2.1.3 unregistered Several months ago there was a little power surge in my home which I suspect damaged my HD slightly. Certain large movie files were corrupted and Mail had some serious problems. But other than that it has worked fine. I recently saved up the cash to buy a...
The Apple Inc. iPhone was made to iChat and VoIP. Apple will pay a big ole settlement, we'll never know how much, and then the thing will be cellular, Skypeable, SMSable and iChatable. --B
Thanks, AP. Spybot found something vile inside there and now it's working fine. I can now visit the MS webpage. WooHoo! --B
I'm trying to install IE SP 1 on a friend's machine, but can't because something has put a system-wide block on Microsoft sites. I can neither access MS webpages (hotmail, yes, but microsoft.com, no) nor use the incorporated windows updater nor the ie6 setup self-extractor. I have turned off all virus protection and firewalls (yikes) and sifted through ie's restricted sites, but there's nothing there. Anyone know of an alternative dl site that doesn't link to...
Thanks, AP! (sorry for the lag, I just moved to a new city and threw out my back.) Another suggestion: The folder + arrow next to a thread title that indicates that a user has previously posted in that thread could use some color. They don't jump out from a long list of threads like they used to. I believe that before they were green. --B
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