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WSJ's a pay site (of course). any quotes? links? --B
Not the same. Used to have both options. --B
I would really love the return of the "View Posts Since Last Visit". Unless I'm missing it somewhere. Thanks. --B
What meelash said. --B
option+e, release, then the letter you want for a forward accent, option+`, release, then the letter you want for a backwards one. --B
Always thought it strange that Donnie Darko was white and not, well... --B
In the end, didn't Leo McKern want out just as much? My foggy memory tells me so... --B
Since you've got time to reconsider, Seg, why on earth didn't you request "The New Number 2"? Much cooler, IMO. --B
This is as pathetic as anything so far. http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=65257 --B
It'll be called "Apple ][" for when you do number ][. And an antidiarrheal called "Backup". And a mouthwash for bulimics called "Boot Camp". --B
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