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That's the theory at least. I had serious system-wide file corruption. 10-min chunks of movies unplayable, etc. I have yet to determine if the HD itself was damaged. --B
Michael Mann created the original series as well as the movie. Had unprecedented creative liberty. If he ruined it, it was his to ruin. --B
I dunno. Tom DeLay always voted for himself. Doesn't make him civic-minded. In the end, I think voting is a private choice, like so many others. In fact, could be he was a citizen who felt 20 years ago that his vote didn't count for anything and yet still wanted to make a difference and therefore became a pol. --B
KEYNOTE PREVIEW! News update... SJ's head is nano! --B
haha. cnn.com It just keeps getting better around here. --B
I don't see what the problem here is. In the 3rd reply of this thread I mentioned twice that Outlook propagates PC viruses. By the fifth reply, the poster already had several antivirus suggestions, free and pay, as well as some links to let him/her know more about viruses on the Mac. At that point, the original poster had been informed that his/her computer was not really at risk at this point and that he/she had the ability to check for PC viruses. If you have a...
Here's where Bush signs a signing statement about signing statements "... after Congress, exasperated by Bush's use of signing statements to withold all sorts of information that he was required by law to share with the legislative branch, passed a law requiring the attorney general to submit to Congress a detailed report of every instance in which he or any Justice Department official ignored these or any other legislative mandates. "You see where this is going. Bush...
Had a big headache trying to set up video chat between Mac and PC recently. I was following these suggestions and also tried several of the programs mentioned here. Hope that Skype works better. --B
Ok then. I guess the question is this: Will the extant antivirus programs for OS X be able to counter future viruses, considering that, as lundy notes, they won't be in their databases? Do they seek out generic viruses? Or will everyone who has already installed antivirus software have to download an update once an OS X virus is detected? In the first case, 2501 is right to get noobs to get antivirus software. In the second, it makes no difference because they'd...
I think most Mac fiends know at least one other Mac fiend who still keeps a Newton in running condition. I know several. There's a love there. --B
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