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I will only obliquely mention what so many threads have already spoken to, only to say that Apple did the PDA right once, and that gives one faith that they'll do it right again. And you're right, that time it took them 6.5 years of R & D. One big question this time is if it will be stylus or eMate-style. --B
The fact that PBs and MBPs are "notebooks" as opposed to "laptops", seeing as they cause 3rd degree lap burns after 3 minutes of surfing, made me think that Apple would choose "UMPC" over "PalmTop", in order to cover their asses, linguistically speaking, in the case of situations like the one illustrated above. See this other thread called Apple, bring back "laptops"... to hell with "notebooks" --B
The good thing about your AO posts, Seg, is that you're passionate. Thoughtful, yet passionate. But most all these Israel threads give the impression that you're frothing as you post them. What's going on? I haven't had the time to follow most of them, but just in case you haven't talked about it, I'm curious to know if something personal has touched you this time around. --B
This Mac fan obviously didn't appreciate the difference between a "UMPC" and a "Palmtop" . --B
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&l...or&btnG=Search --B
Actually, if you think about it, Steve Jobs, is rumored to hate (or misquoted as hating) TV. This apparatus would attempt to replace it or at least circumvent it with a new mobile paradigm. I'm going to bed. This is silly. --B
Wait..... what about an iPod Hi Fi with projector? plug in the ipod and you have image and sound. --B
Not sure the projector could be wireless, since streaming H.264 would be overkill on most batteries I imagine, nor would it really need to be because it's basically for indoor use. The ipod would also have to plug in to something for the same reason. Other than that, the 'quality experience' idea is very interesting. --B
Some of the first trackpads could sense the heat off a finger as it approached, and sometimes drew the cursor towards the finger before actual contact. old skool. --B
I've got a PB, so that won't do any good. Here's a widget that I'm wary of since my fan just went on and it's not showing up on the widget. The temps are corroborated by another widget by the same folk, istat nano. degrees C degrees F --B
New Posts  All Forums: