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That's a very cool idea. But you can't move the controller around too much when the screen's on it. --B
Threw out my back the other day. It's impossible for me to use my PB on my lap. Not discomfort but pain. Here is a nice screenshot of my heavy-duty internet browsing. And yes, that's 1.5 GB RAM and I have 24 GB free on the HD. I'm on my back with a 1" pressed wood board between me and the machine. I can feel the heat through the board after about 20 minutes. Not cool. --B
Sunil, Apple doesn't sell laptops. Glad to see audiopollution didn't follow through with his applestoreisdown threat. --B
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced the creation of a new post to help "accelerate the demise" of the Castro regime in Cuba.
There are a whole lot of innovations that have been inspired by the PB/MBP motion sensor. Here's the latest. http://www.suitable.com/tools/seismac.html Original content: Cool! --B
Look for the luminescent apple. If your laptop has one, then you don't have any spyware. Unless you've got the iTunes ministore up... --B
http://moments-studio.com/en/BearsHand/ =free --B
There has to be a way to script this. The following link is to a script that will fill the screen with the two frontmost windows. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...Bapp%2Bwindows Maybe a script maven can chime in. --B
no need for it. --B
I don't know. Something's fishy. However you think Apple's going to go, it seems like you either have to give them too much or too little credit. They were looking ahead when they brought out the iPod. Brought a high-end HD mp3 player to a dismal market with no real competition at that level. They didn't enter flash until they could bring out a mid- to high-end player with a color screen. Both times they entered the market a bit late, but with a powerful, mid- to...
New Posts  All Forums: