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...double post....
no PS, no BS. --B
Could even be a good job move as you could add some practical knowledge to your particular field of study. --B
It's a legitimate question if he's asking how not to pass on Windows viruses through Outlook or what have you. It's actually twicely legitimate because AI's search function is still not working correctly, and he may not have been able to find the info in previous threads. Here are two threads regarding antivirus software on macs: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=54505 http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...oto=nextoldest But listen, CityGuy,...
Mine's 1280 x 854, and the fan runs audibly in winter with only 25% CPU. I cannot even browse the internet with it on my lap. I have to position it so that the only part touching my legs is the very edge. And even so it's like a space heater and I sweat without fail. The "top" part of the machine, the keyboard and trackpad, don't get very hot at all. It's all on the bottom. --B
My 1.67 15" Al PB is omelette-worthy. I have it propped up on two books in order to reduce the fan noise. hi-tek indeed. --B
You're probably running the app from a disk image. Copy the app to your hard drive and then run it. --B
I believe "prosthetic foreheads" is more germane. --B
That was actually my first impression, as you can see in my 1st post of the thread I posted above. Are you suggesting I trash the prefs file and try to repair again and see what happens? Do you think this would work? DiskWarrior took a day last time since I don't have a FW drive and therefore have to use a boot disk. --B
Placebo is an excelent example of Q P in action. Is he a Mac-head? Is he a PC-drone? Stop! He's both AT THE SAME TIME!! --B
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