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Thanks for the replies. Since I began this thread, I have been trying various solutions, and in doing so some apparently more serious problems with my HD have appeared. It is possible that when my circuit breakers (mains) jumped one night that something happened to my machine. I have tried to repair the disk and neither DiskUtility nor DiskWarrior can repair it (see this apple support thread). The thread, among other things, contains a list of the contents of all...
. Zidane HeadButt remix.wmv As for the question the thread title poses, I would offer the following: --B
Here's Freeman Dyson talking about it. There are a lot of academic papers on these internets about it. Little evidence yet, though. --B
I think that Q P is an interesting example for 2 reasons: 1. Science has very few "quantum leaps." It is mostly just millimetric drudgery, advancing knowledge bit by bit. Quantum physics is merely, at this point, the front end of the progressing glacier of science, which, before being assimilated into the body of the glacier, is still a murky, unsolid mixture of evidence, hypothesis and limited experimental capabilities. The unknown is not necessarily mysterious. All we...
Apple.com has the most expensive RAM upgrades. Try newegg.com. No viruses. No spyware. --B
"Want the fastest Windows XP Core Duo notebook? Then buy a Mac. According to benchmarks carried out by website GearLog, Apple's MacBook Pro running Windows XP is a better Adobe Photoshop rig than any other Core Duo laptop on the market."http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/03...re_duo_laptop/ (from /.) --B
There exists no better live act. --B
It'll two up it at the very least. --B
I have tried to repair using a bootable DiskWarrior CD. However, after 22 hours of running, and almost coming to the end of the rebuilding stage, I got the following error, about which Google and Alsoft.com can tell me nothing: "DiskWarrior encountered an unexpected error while attempting to repair overlapped files on the disc "X". Restart from the DiskWarrior CD and try rebuilding again (2175, -1)" It had found around 6500 overlapped files, many in a "Previous...
Couldn't do it. Got almost all the way through the repair when I get a: "The underlying task reported failure on exit" I'll try Disk Warrior tomorrow. Too tired now. This doesn't bode well. --B
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