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See, that's a serious QS incompatibility. Sorry. Works great for some, doesn't sit well with others. --B
I don't know. This satyrical Flash game is only dangerous if someone takes it seriously and consequently takes to killing these guys. Not likely. But think about the consequences of all the folks that take Coulter seriously. Coulter would have less significance than Pat Paulsen if no one took her seriously, invited her to write bestsellers, and appear on nationwide TV. --B
I got 36 with a PB trackpad. Felt damn good, too, din'it Falbitch! --B
I bring good tidings! Sources close to AI confirm that there have recently been concerted efforts to update the vB which have been unsuccessful for technical problems most likely having to do with this database issue. According to our sources, apart from the technical problems: We've got everything ready to go as far as the forum layout and the majority of the settings. ... There are other changes in the works which are affecting timing of the rollout; all of which...
Quicksilver's clipboard automatically keeps track of the last 10 "copies", and it's very simple to create a trigger that would, for instance, paste the last two copies at once wherever you place your cursor. --B
It's been You Tubed if anyone prefers that: http://youtube.com/results?search=dv...&search=Search --B
No need to insult, nor to apologize. Obviously, if the creation of many new, useless threads is not a problem for you, then there is an easy solution: please just leave this one alone. Go away and participate in more enlightening threads. You're right, there's more to AI than the Search function. It's a community. I am trying to nudge the powers that be to improve the experience for its members, something which historically they have not been quick to do. You, on the...
The Today's Papers feature on http://www.Slate.com. Summary of the day's biggest stories from all the major papers. Or you could try http://www.thegoodnews.org/ --B
Make that last post a sticky. Better yet, make it a subhead underneath AppleInsider. AppleInsider: There are other resources. Why not just Google instead? Come to us for help. We can't fix our forum, so plug site:forums.appleinsider.com into google and we're a valid knowledge base. Does that inspire confidence or what? --B
Goobuntu.Wiki Goobuntu. Hi, Sunil. --B
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