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It's It's It's...... the all new Apple USB 2.0 MBP Heat Sink Coffee Mug!
You guys are getting hosed up there in Canada You could be getting a 20" iMac 2.0 Core Duo refurb for $1349.00US
$3,100 USD???? Geez what were planning to buy? Sounds to me like you're in Mac Pro Territory.
A 23" model might have enough room to allow for a PCI-e expansion slot. That would be GREAT news for gamers and audio video users.
Really it's the white KB that I have a problem with the most. I keep my displays squeeky clean.
The prices for LCD screens has come down enough to make a 23" iMac an affordable possibility. I'd also like to see Apple offer an iMac Black. While white looks stunning, it's not very easy to keep clean and some may feel that a black iMac would look more professional in an office setting.
Trust Mac is the the best one I've seen yet. Amazing what some users accept as normal
I'm in a bind with one of these MacBooks because my oldest daughter has her birthday on Sept. 7th. a week too early. I may consider an Apple Store gift certificate or a home made MacBook IOU so that she can still take advantage of any upgrades.
I'm getting ready to buy 2 MacBooks for my girls, so I'm hoping to see all Apple laptops upgraded to Merom processors. Soon!
The new MacBook will finally have enough VRAM to fully support and external display. I agree that Apple would be using very poor judgement to disable screen spanning on their most affordable laptops. As and educator, you should write Apple Corporate and voice your concerns.
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