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 Not sure about this (assuming that by CGI you mean 3D renders). I think they still do what they've done for a long time, which is start with photos of the real thing, which they heavily edit with Photoshop. I guess this could be described as "CGI", but it doesn't seem like the products shots are complete CG 3D renders. I have a small collection of old high-res press iPod photos from Apple products, in which they forgot to remove the clipping paths (which can be seen if...
You're right, I had forgotten about scrolling momentum (something that the iPod did not have). But without momentum, I'd say that the scroll wheel is less tiresome than a mini vertical trackpad for scrolling long lists. These are interesting concepts that you have, but I'm wondering how it could work in practice, would there be a cursor on the screen? How would it differentiate between scrolling and pointing? 
 For consumers like you and I, market share is only important in how it influences the quality of the ecosystem. That means the availability of support,  apps, web site compatibility and accessories. But a large part of Android phones sold are used essentially as "feature phones", either because those who buy them are not interested in doing more with their phones, and/or because the crippled nature of these low-end phones often sold/given away with a very limited data...
Yeah I never understood why they didn't put an iPod-like click wheel on the Apple TV remote. It would work great for scrolling lists and people were used to this interface.
Apple has researched similar technology even before the iPad was released. Let's hope this company doesn't get sued.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/07/10/26/apple_patent_hints_at_tactile_multi_touch_keyboard  
There's also this thing called Solowheel. http://solowheel.com  I saw a guy riding this recently and it took me a few seconds for my brain to understand how this guy was gliding like this on the sidewalk as at first I didn't notice the wheel! The first screenshot up there is the original, currently sold model, but they have a new "hubless" streamlined model coming soon that you can preorder. 
Well after seeing one of her latest retweet about this subject, I tend to agree with you now. :)
Sorry I didn't want to put words into your mouth. I just see those retweets as playful banter. People are joking about it, and of course she might enjoy that.
Yes I'm also waiting for a feature updates in GarageBand. It's been two years since we haven't seen anything major, while each previous years brought some major features. I think that the latest 2.0.x updates were about solidifying the foundation of the app for future updates. They've redone every single bitmap from scratch (including all the instruments thumbnails) to support 3x resolution on the 6+, and I've noticed non-negligible performance improvements on my iPad 3. I...
I really doubt she copyrighted anything. When you work at Apple, everything you create that is copyrightable/trademarkable becomes Apple's property, this goes for most companies you can work for. The first Macintosh fonts were named after cities by the team, and reportedly it was Steve Jobs who asked for those to be "world class" cities names, San Fransisco was an obvious choice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fonts_on_Macintosh#Fonts_of_the_original_Macintosh Again, I don't...
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