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You say iPad Pro, I say iPad Plus.   My dad is not a 'pro' and would love a bigger screen iPad.   I know some older folks that bought an original MS Surface because they thought the 10.6" screen was bigger than the iPad. The truth is, the iPad still had a bigger screen area because it's a 9.7" diagonal on a 4:3 screen while the original Surface was 10.6" on 16:9.
 Actually they did, a long time ago.  
This is a great "toy", but I hate how some people seem to think it's more or less the same as a full VR headset like Oculus Rift, only much cheaper, implying that the Oculus is a ripoff.   People at Oculus have worked for years on reducing latency, improving the refresh rate and head tracking precision, using state of the art technology. This can't be reproduced with a smartphone strapped to your head.  With VR, even a slight latency or discrepancy with head movement...
From this article : http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/19/3096368/apple-liquidmetal-exclusive-deal-2014 So apparently the license is "perpetual" in markets in which Apple competes, and I think the Swatch exclusive license is also perpetual.
It would be perfect.  But : http://www.swatchgroup.com/en/services/archive/2011/swatch_group_signs_exclusive_license_agreement_with_liquidmetal_technologies
Everyone knows that 256K AAC is at least as good or better than 320K MP3 and I highly doubt that Apple is using MP3.   This article needs to be updated, or completely removed because its premise is flawed.
 Not sure about this (assuming that by CGI you mean 3D renders). I think they still do what they've done for a long time, which is start with photos of the real thing, which they heavily edit with Photoshop. I guess this could be described as "CGI", but it doesn't seem like the products shots are complete CG 3D renders. I have a small collection of old high-res press iPod photos from Apple products, in which they forgot to remove the clipping paths (which can be seen if...
You're right, I had forgotten about scrolling momentum (something that the iPod did not have). But without momentum, I'd say that the scroll wheel is less tiresome than a mini vertical trackpad for scrolling long lists. These are interesting concepts that you have, but I'm wondering how it could work in practice, would there be a cursor on the screen? How would it differentiate between scrolling and pointing? 
 For consumers like you and I, market share is only important in how it influences the quality of the ecosystem. That means the availability of support,  apps, web site compatibility and accessories. But a large part of Android phones sold are used essentially as "feature phones", either because those who buy them are not interested in doing more with their phones, and/or because the crippled nature of these low-end phones often sold/given away with a very limited data...
Yeah I never understood why they didn't put an iPod-like click wheel on the Apple TV remote. It would work great for scrolling lists and people were used to this interface.
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