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A pirate flag can be seen in this video which was hidden in the Centris/Quadra 660AV/840AV install CD. (Though unlike what I previously thought, it's not the original one).    
Susan is actually selling prints of Macintosh icons, and knowing Apple I'd be surprised that a clause in her contract permitted this. So essentially Apple is letting her do this (which is fair) but I bet that legally they could've gone after her if they wanted to. Now I've checked her Twitter account and I don't see anything that make it seem like she's angry about their re-use of San Francisco as a font name, I'm not sure what Rogifan was referring to. 
 I guess I'm just a purist (you know, like those vinyls fans), but compression artifacts annoys me to no end, and while 4K would be better at hiding those, I feel that it just adds an amount of fuzziness that in the end makes it equivalent to a high quality 1080p. But we could debate this endlessly since we're not precisely defining the terms of the discussion here (what you mean by "highly compressed" might be different for me). I'm always amazed about the quality of OTA...
Yeah, I'd prefer high quality (near lossless) 1080P content to highly compressed 4K.
This whole Gorilla branding theme reminds me of this :  
 Speaking for myself, I made the jump from an iPhone 4S to a 6. My reasons for getting a 6 instead of a 5S : - Not much more expensive, $100 is nothing compared to the real cost hidden in the 2 years contract, which would be the same for a 5S.- Better camera than the 5S, very fast auto-focus. 240 FPS slowmo.- NFC. Not in Canada right now but I look forward to getting it. I love paying with NFC.- I LOVE the design/form factor, antenna bands and all, and loved it even since...
Inkjet printers are a scam and a great example that human kind has to suffer outdated technology to sustain more profitable models for some  companies that happen to control specific markets. (see: electric cars...) Laser printer technology is cheap enough these days that they should stop making and selling inkjet printers, but since companies are making tons of money from selling inkjet ink cartridges, they keep this obsolete technology alive.
 Ok I get what you mean now. 1) The difference between 396 and 401 PPI is very small. The screen (and UI elements) would be 98.7% the size of the current iPads. I don't see how it could be a problem. Developers wouldn't have to take this into account and Apple is redesigning the casing anyway.  2) You may be right that they will stick to 264 PPI, and I would personally prefer it since it would be an overkill I think. I'm just puzzled by the need for a A8X chip in the Air 2.
 Not sure what you mean by "changing the size of the elements"? And I don't see how it would be deviating from their point system, which exist precisely so they don't have to change the point size of elements if they increase the screen density. If Apple goes with 3x at 396/401 PPI on the iPad air 2 , a 40 points button will still appear the same size on the display. It would be essentially the same thing as the original 1x->2x transition, as the resolution and density...
 Ehm I didn't post that. The username on the quote in your post is wrong. Bug? Edit: Could you please fix your post, I don't want to be attributed something I didn't write. Thanks! :)
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