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 What will complicate things for developers is the significant screen size difference requiring rethinking the layout, not the aspect ratio change. The lazy developers I was talking about would simply blow up their UI as a native phablet app and never work on optimizing it. I wasn't talking about those who would use this as a temporary solution. But anyway developers will have to support the 3:2 screen of the iPhone 3/4 for a while now, so this discussion is moot.
 Well obviously those apps would be "fat binaries" just like iPhone+iPad apps that exist on the App Store.
Why this "throw-away" account reference? I'm simply discussing some theory/speculation of my own. Not sure why I deserve that remark.
Why would it be? Apps layouts have to be completely redone anyway, you can't just scale up coordinates. This is a touch screen device, touch target sizes have to be optimized. If this prevents lazy devs from simply blowing up their apps  (which would be easier but stupid) then I'm all for it. 
 I never said anything about split-screen multi-tasking on a mobile phone. I also think it's absurd. I was talking about running two apps side by side on an iPad. Half an iPad mini screen could be used in an hypothetical 5.7" Apple phablet, and optimizing apps for this size would also mean optimizing for split screen on full size iPads. I understand what you're saying about relying on dynamic resizing to make tablet apps from phone apps, something Apple has tried to avoid,...
Using 16:9 wouldn't make it any easier for developers, as a bigger screen will require new layouts for apps anyway. You don't simply blow up an iPhone app to 5.7" so keeping the aspect ratio doesn't solve the crux of the problem.
 Just because Apple didn't add X feature or released X product doesn't automatically mean that there's a philosophical reason behind it.  There's a big reason why adding split screen multi-tasking is not something they could do on a whim: iOS was originally designed with a single screen size in mind.  It made sense at first, because of the technical limitations of the early iOS devices, and it helped the App Store a lot because developers didn't have to bother with making...
 I don't see how it means "to go back to 3:2" since Apple never released a phablet before. 3:2 would be in between 16:9 and 4:3 at a size that is also somewhere between those two devices 
Judging from this rhetorical question you seem to imply that split screen multi-tasking would be useless on an iPad, I have a feeling that any example I can give will be dismissed in one way or the other.
Split screen multi-tasking?
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