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I hate to repeat myself, but if Apple releases a phablet, it will be 5.7" not 5.5".    5.7" is exactly half an iPad mini screen which would make it 1536x1024 at 326DPI. Two apps optimized for this screen format could run side by side on the iPads.
I ran Photoshop 2.5 on my Mac Classic with 2.5Mb of RAM! :)
Maybe they are switching all the servers in the back store to brand new Mac Pros?
I wouldn't be surprised if Apple unveiled a larger iPhone, larger iPad and/or a phablet at WWDC next year.   Why at WWDC? Because new resolutions will require developers to make use of the auto-layout APIs if they don't already (and many don't).  So these devices will need to be announced in advance.   iOS 8 might also introduce split-screen multi-tasking, which will also require the use of auto-layout.
Don't you think that hackers would've revealed that it's possible to activate the camera on a MacBook without turning on the green LED? Unless you believe in some sort of conspiration that would've "silenced" every hacker who discovered this security hole, which in my opinion would cross the "paranoid" line. We cannot know what happens to data we send over the internet or whether our phone calls are intercepted by some organisation. But on actual devices, it's possible to...
In other news, McDonalds asked a guy to remove his hot dogs stand from inside their restaurant.
How do you know there won't be any surprises?
 I see a lot of people assuming that the A7 (not A7X) could drive a retina iPad without any problem based on some raw GPU benchmarks that shows the A7 performing better than the A6X. Well I'm not so sure about that. I'm not a GPU expert, but I don't think that pushing 4x the number of polygons is the same thing as pushing 4x the number of pixels. The latter might require more parallel processing in the form of a multi-core GPU, such as the ones found in  the A6X (or...
Just wondering, would a backup and restore get rid of the iOS 7 update files?
Getting an iPhone 4S at $0 will likely lock you into an expensive voice+data contract. The cheapest Android "smartphones" are given away with voice plans and special cheap limited data plans. The 4S is not among the cheapest cellphones even at $0. And nothing changes the fact that a significant percentage of Android phones that are sold are so cheap and crippled that people use them as feature phones and seldom use or buy apps. Those devices contribute almost nothing to...
New Posts  All Forums: