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 While this may still account for less than 10%, if you do a search on Twitter you can see that A LOT of people including non-techies were/are actually eagerly waiting to install iOS 7 (many thought it would somehow be available at midnight).
 How is it a downgrade from the iPhone 5? It's got a better battery and front camera. I guess you're talking about the plastic casing? It may be a downgrade to you (and me to a point), but I think a lot of people feel that the iPhone 5/5S seems too luxurious and fragile compared to Android phones with chunky plastic casings.  Also, every person I know that still uses a feature phone brags about how much more durable their phone is compared to a "fragile" smartphones. To...
Apple has several patents related to solar power. This could be interesting. http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2010/01/apple-thinks-green-again-with-solar-cell-panels-for-media-players.html http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/01/the-race-is-on-for-an-ipad-with-integrated-solar-panels-more.html   (Yeah! 200th post!)
 People want the new iPhone. They don't care what's inside. 
 Do you have a better suggestion? FingerPass?
New high-res version of the iPhone 5S box picture we've seen before.  
Remember when Steve Jobs said that Apple was hoping to get 1% of the cellphone market in the first year of the iPhone? Some people didn't even think it was possible given the size of the market. Now they have 25x that.
 This doesn't make sense. You really think that the 5C will only be available in a few asian countries? Is it because you don't like the design and can't believe Apple would release it in North-America? The 30-pin dock connector is dead, and the 4/4S casing is a hassle to make, Apple will be more than happy to retire them and replace them with the 5C worldwide as the low-end iPhone model.
 Changing the DPI to anything higher than 324 DPI would mean having to deal with yet another set of bitmap assets at 3x or whatever multiple/fraction vs. the current max DPI is, so I don't think Apple will do that. They will likely stay within the 263-324 DPI "retina" range and let developers focus on flexible layouts instead.
Here's a mockup I did for fun using Photoshop, based on a theory that the ring might glow (blue?) when it's activated :  
New Posts  All Forums: