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You're right it's a supposition from my part, but I don't see how it could make sense for Apple to give more battery life to their cheap model than the 5S.   And not that it adds any more credence to my theories, the 5C is 1.38mm thicker than the 5, not 0.8mm (according to on video caliper measurements).   BTW did we see the motherboard for the 5C? I remember seeing the 5S one but not the 5C. While Apple likes to spend some time making components/boards smaller, they may...
It's thicker because the plastic case is reinforced with metal (so much for plastic being stronger than metal...). There's no additional room inside.   Apple used aluninum/glass in the iPhone 4-5 because it was the only mass-produceable materials that enabled them to make it so thin and still structurally strong (though some would argue that the iPhone 5 is not that structurally strong). By using the same internals as the 5 and a plastic casing they had no choice of...
It looks like there won't be a black iPhone 5C.   The black case 'leaks' that we've seen have FCC markings, and from what I've concluded after doing some research is that the pictures of 5C cases with FCC markings that we've seen until now are fake. They show the wrong model number (same as iPhone 5 A1429) and have ugly embedded fake plastic screws on each side of the lightning connector slot.   The ones we've seen without FCC markings don't include a black version.
Well the iPhone 4 was announced on Monday June 7th 2010, the calendar on the iPhone 4 packaging and press material shows Monday/7.   But the 4S packaging still shows the same date (7) even though it was released on October 4th, and the iPhone 5 packaging shows 11 and was unveiled September 12th.   As for the 10 on the calendar icon of the iPhone 5c sticker, it matches what Apple used in all iOS 7 pre-release material up to now.
  Yeah it's pretty sad to see that this was parroted by a few Apple news sites without any mention of this obvious fix.
I guess that's why they're talking about "attackers" and not "maliciously crafted applications".
Let's all remember that you can easily reset the administrator password if you have physical access to a Mac. (It's a feature not a bug.)
I know you were being sarcastic, but the Nintendo 3DS XL actually has a 4.88" 3d screen.
  - The iPhone 4/4S don't have Lightning connectors nor the 16:9 screen. Apple wants to standardize those. - Even cheap/poor people prefer to have the "latest" model, 2 years old models are less attractive. I'm pretty sure some sales rep use that excuse to push people toward Android phones. ('We have this cheaper iPhone, but it's a two years old model and you don't want that, here's a brand new Android phone model for the same price / for free") - The 5C is already...
Airplay dongle?
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