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  - The iPhone 4/4S don't have Lightning connectors nor the 16:9 screen. Apple wants to standardize those. - Even cheap/poor people prefer to have the "latest" model, 2 years old models are less attractive. I'm pretty sure some sales rep use that excuse to push people toward Android phones. ('We have this cheaper iPhone, but it's a two years old model and you don't want that, here's a brand new Android phone model for the same price / for free") - The 5C is already...
Airplay dongle?
Ok sorry Rogifan I will never do it again.
Oh my god they have completely remade all the icons!!                     In your dreams. Get used to them. ;)
Is there anything equivalent to Filemaker Go on Android and Win RT?   From what I understand it has been quite popular for developing custom business tools to run on iPads and iPhones and even help adoption of iOS devices in businesses. Despite some of the comments here, I think that Filemaker is not only doing just fine, but its business is booming right now. I would not have any problem finding a job as a Filemaker programmer.   Not everyone needs SQL support...
  What is the average salary in India?
Scott Forstall hacked the page :)
  They may want to avoid overloading the servers by turning on everything at the same time, videos use a lot of bandwidth.
Not that it makes a lot of difference, but iBook will be available on Mavericks.
  You may have been joking, but you're spreading a common misconception about surveys.   And I know that surveys can be falsified, biased or manipulated, but any survey with a minimum of seriousness will have its answers weighted to avoid over-representing certain demographics, it's pretty basic stuff.
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