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  You may have been joking, but you're spreading a common misconception about surveys.   And I know that surveys can be falsified, biased or manipulated, but any survey with a minimum of seriousness will have its answers weighted to avoid over-representing certain demographics, it's pretty basic stuff.
You don't know how surveys work do you? Ever heard of weighting? 
How many of those Google will sell until the end of the year? One million, two millions? They will probably be available trough limited distribution channels like many of the Nexus products and won't get a lot of advertising in mainstream media, aside from the free advertising from the tech media.   If Apple wants to ship a retina iPad mini for this holiday season, it will need something like 10 millions of them at least, and unlike Google, they still have to make a...
  I removed the video from my post, it's his turn now. :)
Apparently, the "intruder" was a "security researcher".   Youtube Video   Edit : Ok I've removed the video because of a complaint from Gazoobee that it was publicity for this guy, even though the video will probably be in a ton of news articles and on Twitter this morning when tech journalists wake up. We will certainly hear more about the guy soon, considering the implications.   Now the video is still quoted in Gazoobee's post at the time of writing this...
For some reason, reading IGZO always make me think about a French comic called Iznogoud.
I don't think the MacBook air will get a retina screen anytime soon (given that they were just updated).   But I could see the retina MacBook Pro get noticeably thiner an lighter while still getting a battery life boost because of Haswell and IGZO displays.
Because this study shows the relative percentage of web usage between platforms.   If Apple iPhone sales flatlined because of the wait for the 5S, while Samsung is aggressively marketing its new S4 flagship model, Apple's web usage ratio will drop.
  These numbers estimates the relative percentage of web usage between platforms, it doesn't count "non-usage".   Per user/unit, web usage on iOS is still much higher than on Android. Because as we know, a large percentage of Android phones sold are crippled, running old OS versions and not really being used as smartphones.
Crowley is right. The top and bottom parts of the iPhone 5 casing are cell antennas, and other antennas (Wifi, BT etc.) are found behind the little glass windows.   Note: the image below was a mockup made from leaked parts before the iPhone 5 was unveiled, but they are accurate.  
New Posts  All Forums: