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Nevermind. Hit the wrong button. Again.
As you must know, with the dev tools installed, iOS apps can be compiled and run natively on Mac OS X. The simulator is essentially a wrapper that sandboxes x86 iOS apps into a restricted environment simulating iOS devices.   Apple's development version of the simulator must be much more flexible than what we have, and it's probably relatively trivial for them to make it access large amount of memory and screen estate.   It's probably also relatively easy for them to make...
This is simply not true and your webpage rendering example is irrelevant to this fact.   It's weird how multiple posters are spreading this false notion recently. Is this a new "talking point" as MS used to call them?
Yeah, I was wondering the exact same thing, as I pondered if I should have wasted my time replying. 
What the heck are you talking about?   Every single of the 2048x1536 pixel on the iPad screen is addressable, it is real screen estate.    But it's a portable touch device, buttons and UI widgets have to be big enough to be usable with fingers, and text has to be big enough to be readable since it's a small screen (compared to a 17-24" desktop computer screen). It would be pretty stupid for developers to treat it like a 17" display and make UI widgets that are 20 pixels...
Not in every country.
I like how some people try to make us believe that Apple is going "out of fashion". 
Goggle doesn't copy anything. They put giant desserts on their lawn. Not the same as giant pixelized icons.  
Despite the naysayers, I expect the iPhone 5S to sell much more than 5M in the first week end. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple did aim to make 8-10 million 5S available in the first week-end, and launching in a lot of countries at the same time.   Look at what happened with the 4 -> 4S.     The iPhone 4 was a completely new case design and needed custom manufacturing techniques, and because of low yield rates they could only make enough to sell 1.7M units...
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