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 The way you capitalized WALL•Eworld made me think it was a reference to that movie. I did know that there was a Wally World, but couldn't quite remember where I'd seen it (even though I actually watched National Lampoon's Vacation recently).
 You mean Buy 'n' Large. :)
 Hey thanks! I kind of suspected that you made a mistake in your post, but I thought it was a good opportunity to explain how iOS (and especially the 6 plus) deals with screen resolution and density (not just to you) since a lot of people seem confused about it. You're right that some double scaling can happen with 1080P video, but I'm pretty sure the first upscaling phase is also done in hardware. Remember that other iOS devices that don't have 1080P screen also have to...
 Not sure where you get that double scaling thing (software downscaling??). On the iPhone 6 plus, the UI is rendered natively on a 2208x1242 canvas like it would on a 2208x1242 iOS device, nothing fancy here. The whole thing is then hardware downscaled to 1920x1080 by the A8 chip. The reason why Apple did this on the 6 plus is that to keep standard UI elements the same size as previous iPhones, as the density needed to get native pixel perfect 3x was 489 PPI. Since they...
Another thing not shown in the video is that while these phones might turn on, those who actually bent may well suffer from internal damage that is not immediately apparent and will cause problems later.
 Swatch opposed Apple's trademark application for iWatch for being too similar to their iSwatch. At least one country (Iceland) has preliminarily rejected Apple's application on this basis.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-04/swatch-objects-to-authorities-over-apple-s-use-of-iwatch-label.html
 What about the Swatch exclusivity agreement?  The only "proof" of that comes from that single part that the guy from nowhereelse.fr got. And the material shown seems to have very different characteristics than previously leaked logos, including many that were shown integrated to the leaked back shells. The nowhereelse part also have two holes that were not present in other leaks, and there didn't seem to have any mounts for these holes in the leaked shells. Maybe Apple...
 Just like you, I believed in liquidmetal for the Apple Watch. Much for the same reasons, I didn't think that Apple would release a smartwatch this thick and liquidmetal looked to be the solution to make it thinner. I also didn't expect it to be that advanced, which in my view offsets the thickness problem. Liquidmetal could also have helped Apple mass produce many different shapes for the watch body itself as those can be molded/stamped instead of requiring custom...
 Yeah, after looking at several other videos I changed my idea. No way they would've reproduced the iOS 8 interface in such precision. And indeed, the casing finition is much better than any other clones we've seen. The screen is perfectly integrated into the casing curves, something we didn't see before this.
This is the latest, better and improved Chinese clone. For one, the home button is not concave like it should. There are several other errors in the interface and the Apple logo is painted on the back.
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