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Is there anything like Filemaker Pro + Filemaker Go for Windows RT tablets, and will there be anytime soon? Office RT does not include Access, and I suspect it may never will (huge legacy code mess?) Filemaker Pro 12 may not scale as well as SQL based solutions which don't really exist on RT yet either, it is still very powerful and offers an interface and scripting language that rivals Hypercard in terms of being "easy to use". And with the advent of Filemaker Go on...
Funny that you talk about multitasking and banners on the day before the event.   Those navigation banners don't work perfectly with all apps, a great number of non-Apple apps may have the top of their UI cut off when this banner is displayed.   You'll note that Apple only allows these taller system status bars for situations in which you're not really supposed to use apps on your iPhone. Call in progress, audio recording, hotspot tethering and now navigation are...
Quartz Composer on the iPad, makes a lot of sense to me!
How about searching for "A-GPS" in google? It would give you this link as a first result:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GPS Which describe it as :"Assisted GPS, generally abbreviated as A-GPS, is a system which can improve the startup performance of a GPS satellite-based positioning system. "
The 3G iPad models have an actual GPS chip. It's A-GPS which means it contains a real GPS chip + Assistance from cell tower triangulation which is only a bonus (for faster initial localization).
Are you running Safari in 64-bit mode? Do a get info on Safari.app and look if the "Open in 32-bit mode" box is checked. If it is, uncheck it. Safari in 64-bit mode normally deals with Flash (and other plug-ins) crashing without taking down the whole browser with it.
It's not Apple's fault, it has something to do with some Canadian law.But I'm with you on the fact that it may encourage piracy. There is a legal way around it (pre-paid $25 and $50 Mastercards sold in some convenience stores) and this is what I do, but I know a few people that have been bugged down by that fact and resorted to piracy. I also suspect that the upgrade ratio to OS 3.x on iPod touches has been much lower in Canada because of this.
Actually you can, but you need to jailbreak. (Obviously having this capability is outside Apple's security model for the iPhone).
And incidentally, Microsoft owns its success as a dominating OS vendor to IBM's mindshare in the enterprise market. CP/M was a better and more mature OS, and it was licensed just like MS-DOS eventually was. Being "IBM compatible" was a selling-point that made all the difference in the world.
I think it's a gross over-simplification to say that iTunes is "just a bunch of XML files" outside of the iTunes store. I also think that having iTunes install MySQL would lead to tons of potential problems on Windows. And you still haven't addressed the problem that the interface could get very slow if you don't have a recent computer. You really seem to underestimate the complexity of iTunes. While Apple can entice people to upgrade their Macs when adding new...
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