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  Yeah that must be why Samsung put a 1280x800 screen in the Galaxy Note 8 (their $399 iPad mini killer)!    Edit: And in case you haven't followed the conversation, we're talking about putting a 2048x1536 7.9" screen in the iPad mini which is much more dense than 1280x800, and even the all mighty Samsung screen gods can't seem to be able to mass produce those yet.
Yes probably.   I think that there are two things that Apple has done in 2012 that hurt them by enabling negative stock manipulation :   - The fact that they updated all of their products at the same time at the end of 2012. Knowing that Apple usually has annual refreshes, it got some "analysts" to spread the idea that Apple had peaked and stopped innovating, because they knew very well that Apple would likely not answer back with new products until the later half of...
  Retina MacBook pros are about 220 dpi, much less density than the 320 dpi on a retina iPad mini. Yes the screens are much bigger but the RMBP are also much more expensive and produced in lesser quantities, and lower yields rates can be absorbed by the higher price. (It can also lead to lower margins, which can lead to lower profits. See last quarter results...)    The iPad mini is a low-margin, high volume product so Apple can't afford to have low yields on screens for...
The HTC one is a 4.7 screen. It's always much easier to produce small high-res screens than larger ones.
Oh really? Please name one 7-8" tablet that has an IPS display with a resolution equal or higher to 320dpi? I'm curious.
Of course they top the D.J. Power charts, look at how superior the audio/music apps offering is on iOS compared to Android!   Oh it's J.D. Power...
RBC? You mean the Canadian bank that suddenly decided to replace all employees of one of their branch with cheap foreign workers while making billions of profits? And to add insult to the injury they wanted the soon jobless employees to train their replacements? Yeah sure I trust them...    http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/rbc-apologizes-to-employees-affected-by-outsourcing-decision-1.1233754
 That's simply not true. iOS doesn't contain the Quartz Composer framework. QTZ files can be open in Safari through the Quicktime plug-in, but it relies on the old QT7 APIs which never existed in iOS.
Interesting page I just found:http://interactiondesign.sva.edu/events/entry/From the page :
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