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I want one indeed, but I don't need one. 
The latest iPod nano (7th gen) already has Bluetooth 4.0, but it just serves for audio output purposes.   Apple could release a simple software update that brings communication with iOS devices, to display notifications, weather and even make calls (cell or FaceTime audio) by going trough the iPhone, kind of like the hypothetical iWatch.   I guess this would be useless for most people and that's why Apple likely won't do it, but a lightweight remote control/display for...
Apple already knew that. (Topsy)
It's like winning the lottery!
It's just an idea I was throwing out there. Doesn't Apple sometimes like to let competitors fight between themselves in an emerging market before entering it?
Crazy theory : Maybe Apple wants to help the nascent third-party 4K monitors market grow faster by not making one themselves until next year?
 While it may not be the reason, using bluetooth enables them to avoid having to pay the "Made for iPhone" tax.
Good point, but it would make it soooo much easier for devs if they could use the same set of buttons/bitmaps and touch target and font sizes across all iOS devices. Also, showing iPad (mini) apps on a 12.9" would make them look huge and clunky so this would only be a stopgap measure anyway, much less important than keeping consistency for developers. The iPad resolution was not a direct multiple of the iPhone resolution and while the density changed, it got lower so touch...
The retina MacBook Pro screen is "only" 227 ppi and I don't see a lot of people complaining about that. But let's forget about the proximity from the eyes bit.  The iPad air resolution is already good enough for 95%+ of people at 264 ppi. Heck, a lot of people can't even see the difference between a retina and non-retia iOS device. The only situation where I really notice the pixels on my iPad 3 is when some 3D game shows highly contrasted polygons without...
Not really. The 2x resolution skip was useful because the screen size remained the same between the non-retina and retina version. It enabled developers to keep the same exact layouts while the OS automatically converted coordinates by multiplying them by 2. If the screen size changes significantly, developers have to redesign their apps layouts anyway, they can't simply make everything bigger because it would look ridiculous and waste screen estate. So a 2x skip wouldn't...
New Posts  All Forums: