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I think it's the opposite, this phone will likely be much harder to bend because of the rounded sides as opposed to the flat thin sides of the iPhone 5/5S. To me it looks like a very solid structure.
 Form follows function. They did not add thick antenna bands for the look of it. I personally believe that these CAD renders are likely real (even though Appleinsider deemed them as "Questionable") : http://ukrainianiphone.com/25/04/2014/171441     I also believe that this recent leak is real, as it exactly matches the Ukrainian CAD renders.  According to these, the top and bottom metal parts of the shell would both be switchable cell antennas (like the 5/5S). But unlike...
Why? All iOS 7 applications currently work on devices with only 512MB of RAM. When running two apps side by side, the maximum RAM allocation for those two apps would be limited in a way that one app cannot take over all RAM and force quit the other.
I was joking about the LiquidMetal, hence the smiley.  This idea that we've all heard that Apple makes its products easy to break on purpose, is exactly why making the iPhone 6 more resistant to breaking would be a great selling point.
 I suspect that there's a technical/functional reason behind the increased thickness of the antenna separations. Maybe it will also act as a shock absorber and reduce the possibility of breaking the screen if the iPhone 6 is dropped on one of its corners? What if the separation is made from a new RF transparent LiquidMetal alloy? :) (OK maybe not)
What about the software? No mention about it in the article.   Or is it that everyone assumes that it will run some form of iOS?   Even if the final product does run some iOS based OS, I wouldn't be surprised that Apple also currently has an iWatch prototype running the Pixo OS (iPod OS) as a plan B.   If you look at the latest iPod nano OS, you'll see that the Pixo team went to great lengths into reproducing iOS behaviours (looks like iOS 6 though, but that's a...
 Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand Japanese is spoken/written using a predefined set of syllables that don't include the "L" sound. Japanese also integrated a lot of english words to their language and write them using those syllables, replacing the "L" sound with an "uR" sound. When Japanese say "clear" (an English word they actually use), they pronounce it "cu-r-ear". (Yeah, most of my Japanese knowledge comes from watching Game Center CX  :) )
"...relatively rare hard drive-equipped Mac Classic"   Rare? I don't think I've ever saw a Mac Classic that did not have a hard drive.   I had one and did my own teardown back in the days, and broke the end of the CRT yoke... :) Had to buy a replacement monitor.
 Everyone seems to assume that the iWatch will run iOS. But what if it runs Pixo OS (the iPod OS)? In its latest incarnation on the iPod nano 7th gen it seems to have evolved quite a lot since the original iPod in 2001, mimicking iOS pretty effectively (though with the pre-iOS 7 look). The latest  iPod nano already has everything needed for the iWatch hardware-wise, including bluetooth 4 LE, it just doesn't have the form factor. Heck, Apple could even release a software...
Around my mother's house, which it out in the wild country, Google Maps shows very low resolution satellite imagery, houses are about a pixel wide. Apple maps on the other hand shows detailed high resolution imagery, though it's black and white!
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