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 “Resolution independence” is a term that has been used to describe a lot of things. On iOS, auto-layout could be currently described as resolution independence, on a strict sense, because it only deals with changes in resolutions, but assumes the same PPI. What is not in iOS right now is “PPI independence”. The 2x retina trick is confined to work on a screen which has exactly double the resolution and PPI. While auto-layout enables the reflow of the UI structure on...
 To answer your question, I guess there's a little bit of that, he doesn't want to be labelled as an Apple fanboy. But like I said if he's friend with one or more disgruntled employees (maybe a group that were loyal to Forstall) his "opinions" might be biased toward what those employees think about the company. That doesn't mean that their criticism is always justified and that there's a big crisis at Apple. It's not unusual to have a group of overly critical employees...
I'm begining to think that Mark Gurman sources are disgruntled Apple employees, which makes sense since loyal employees don't tend to leak stuff. They may provide accurate info about future Apple products, but they are biased when it comes to internal politics. It would also explain all the negative comments he does about Apple since he has a biased insight.
A spam message is still visible in the comment section on this article's page.
Hmmm... is this really new in 7.1?
Carriers vastly prefer Android because it allows them to make lucrative deals to install crapware, add branding and do the typical artificial crippling of low-end devices to up sell more profitable higher end devices. They carry the iPhone not because they want to, but because if they didn’t, people wanting iPhones would switch to competitors. So promotion of the iPhone by carriers is usually limited to say “we have it”.  If you go into a store wanting an iPhone, sales rep...
They did cave to those people who obsessively (and uselessly) force quit every app anytime they can, by restoring iOS 6's behavior of letting some background services run even after a force quit because those people were complaining that their apps wouldn't get notifications.
 I know you're joking, but "mind controlled" interfaces are a real thing and getting better and better as time goes. I think we should skip the "gestures in the air" and go straight to this technology. The Muse headband ( http://www.interaxon.ca/muse/ ) will ship next May for $299, and it's the smallest of its kind. Sure it's still clunky and its applications are not straightforward yet, but these will get smaller and smaller and more software will be written for it (the...
I guess the Gorilla (Glass) marketing team won't be able to use the "but it uses more energy to produce than glass so more pollution" argument that I've seen a couple of people use.
This was an iPad Christmas indeed!
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