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 I know you're joking, but "mind controlled" interfaces are a real thing and getting better and better as time goes. I think we should skip the "gestures in the air" and go straight to this technology. The Muse headband ( http://www.interaxon.ca/muse/ ) will ship next May for $299, and it's the smallest of its kind. Sure it's still clunky and its applications are not straightforward yet, but these will get smaller and smaller and more software will be written for it (the...
I guess the Gorilla (Glass) marketing team won't be able to use the "but it uses more energy to produce than glass so more pollution" argument that I've seen a couple of people use.
This was an iPad Christmas indeed!
I wonder if Alex Lindsay has something to do with it...   (Note: I'm not implying anything bad about it, Alex and his team have done great work with iPads in education in Africa, maybe officials took notice.)
I'm pretty sure that an iOS web browser was released a while ago that had this feature, though it didn't work very well.
I want one indeed, but I don't need one. 
The latest iPod nano (7th gen) already has Bluetooth 4.0, but it just serves for audio output purposes.   Apple could release a simple software update that brings communication with iOS devices, to display notifications, weather and even make calls (cell or FaceTime audio) by going trough the iPhone, kind of like the hypothetical iWatch.   I guess this would be useless for most people and that's why Apple likely won't do it, but a lightweight remote control/display for...
Apple already knew that. (Topsy)
It's like winning the lottery!
It's just an idea I was throwing out there. Doesn't Apple sometimes like to let competitors fight between themselves in an emerging market before entering it?
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