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 I also found it weird at first, but given the scale of the graph, I think that the spikes and dips we're seeing are simply related to the time of the day. People are less likely to update during the night, except maybe for the first day or two.
 Gold anodization is among the easiest color to achieve, while having this white paint behind the glass of the 4 seemed to cause them problems. They can quickly readjust their casing production to match the unexpected demand for the gold model.The CPU/Touch ID is probably more of the culprit than the gold casing.
While looking at the Twitter feed for iOS 7 yesterday I noticed that a lot of teens/young people were looking forward to this feature, especially for blocking messages. A lot were very happy that they could now block a few people in their contacts. Which makes me wonder, are today's teens often victim of harassment through messaging apps?
 Aside from the Wallpaper settings bugs, I haven't stumbled on any major bugs on my iPad 3 (been running the GM since the 10th). Sure it feels slower than on my iPhone 4S and there are some cosmetic bugs that I don't see on the iPhone, but nothing major.  The only thing that really annoys me is the fact that they disabled the frosted glass effect on the iPad 3 build for most of the UI starting with beta 5. I wish they'll bring it back if they fix some of the performance...
 While this may still account for less than 10%, if you do a search on Twitter you can see that A LOT of people including non-techies were/are actually eagerly waiting to install iOS 7 (many thought it would somehow be available at midnight).
 How is it a downgrade from the iPhone 5? It's got a better battery and front camera. I guess you're talking about the plastic casing? It may be a downgrade to you (and me to a point), but I think a lot of people feel that the iPhone 5/5S seems too luxurious and fragile compared to Android phones with chunky plastic casings.  Also, every person I know that still uses a feature phone brags about how much more durable their phone is compared to a "fragile" smartphones. To...
Apple has several patents related to solar power. This could be interesting. http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2010/01/apple-thinks-green-again-with-solar-cell-panels-for-media-players.html http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/01/the-race-is-on-for-an-ipad-with-integrated-solar-panels-more.html   (Yeah! 200th post!)
 People want the new iPhone. They don't care what's inside. 
 Do you have a better suggestion? FingerPass?
New high-res version of the iPhone 5S box picture we've seen before.  
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