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Totally makes sense, Apple has trouble getting mass produced 326dpi 7.9" screens for the iPad mini retina, I'm sure they'll have no problem getting 12.9" screens at 500+dpi next year!   /sarcasm 
I suspect that in Japan the low-end portion of the Android market is a relatively much smaller segment than in the rest of the world.   Japan's feature phones has long been "smarter" than feature phones in the rest of the world, and Japanese are used to some built-in services and WAP versions of websites optimized for very small small screens.   Cheap low-end crippled Android phones are not seen by them as a good replacement for the feature phones they're used to have,...
I will refrain myself from discussing with people that have some twisted understanding of screen resolution/density. Some people just don't seem to understand how it works and those discussions always end up with circular logic arguments.
Let's hope Apple doesn't try to make this into the ultimate Nielsen ratings box like Microsoft is trying to do with the Xbox One.   The whole TV industry in North-America (and many other places in the world) is built around a very archaic survey system for TV ratings that fails to adequately account for new ways of accessing media content.   Though you can now opt out of it, Microsoft plans to use the Kinect during TV watching from various sources to give content...
It's simple : the only kind of market share data that matters to consumers is ecosystem usage.   And for those who don't care about the ecosystem, any kind of market share data should be irrelevant anyway.
It's not that simple because content providers see the TV screen as something completely different. It's a legacy market they're trying to protect. They're willing to put apps on devices like tablets and smartphones because it's "not TV". The ability to stream those to the Apple TV trough Airplay is a hole that they would've like to plug, but since its too late they still add the feature in their apps to stay competitive with other apps. Take a look at ChromeCast, unlike...
I see phablets as something between phones and tablets (hence the name). So to me 3:2 is ok, especially if it opens the possibility to split-screen apps on the iPad and help manufacturing by using the good half an iPad mini screen when the other half has a defect. But yeah, perhaps you're right too! It's just some wild speculation from my part.
 Having resolutions that are multiple of existing ones was useful for devices that have the same screen size, because UI elements could stay exactly at the same place and with the same size on screen (and the iOS made the 2x coordinate conversion automatically). Avoiding fractional multiplication of screen coordinates is not a necessity with a screen size changes since UI elements need to be moved around and layouts have to be redone anyway. The iPad doesn't have...
Your whole point was based on the idea that it would require "FAR more work" to go from the 16:9 app to a 3:2 phablet because the aspect ratio was different. But you forgot (and I forgot too) that every single iPhone app has to support 3:2 screens anyway so your point is moot.
I was mainly thinking about "small" mobile phones like the 4" iPhone. On a 5"+ device (which I don't really consider the same device category) it might make more sense for some.
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