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Shouldn't it be "shot with iPhone," instead of "on"? But I like "filmed with iPhone" better.
Has there been any research done to see if the average user can tell the difference between 128, 256, 320? I'm talking about your average music listener, not audiophiles.
This should be the new drop test. Instead of dropping the phone to see if the screen survives, it should undergo a shotgun blast.
Same can be said about the police judging an entire class of citizens based on a few bad ones, without justification. Yet they get away with it all the time. No one is saying they can do a better job than the police, they simply want the bad cops to be held accountable for their crimes.
You don't need an app to do that.
"Watch the live video..." "Spring Forward" as in daylight savings time, as in time. I see what you did there.
According to Minority Report RadioShack is still around in 2054.
"CEO Tim Cook will often point out how well Apple ranks in customer satisfaction, noting that that factor drives customer loyalty, repurchase rats, and commerce within the iOS ecosystem." Didn't know they sell rats.
It's sad that there was no photo of this "Apple-like" lines. So AI had to use a pic of the iPhone 5 line for stand in. 
"...sold out in some locations "immediately" after going on sale, just as the Zune HD did in 2009." Ouch! Now come on AI, was that really necessary? LOL!
New Posts  All Forums: