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Stop using Chrome. Problem solved.
How about improving on the video playback options, similar to what the DVD Player has. I would like to be able to adjust the brightness, audio bass/treble, slow mo, step forward/backforward, etc. Quicktime 7 Pro has those, why can't iTunes?
I will make sure I'm using a netbook next time I book hotels online.
Video of the update with animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuaDOtjil30&feature=player_embedded
Looks better than the leaked photos
Don't worry Samsung, only humans are permitted to testify, sheeps and other animals are not allowed in the court.
And the Galaxy Tab 2 is actually a downgrade from the first.
I just tested this, if you say "Search Wolfram Alpha what is the best smartphone ever," it still gives the Lumia.
No, it'll still be made, I mean assembled in China.
It does work! But only if you add Wolfram to the beginning of the question. Tested it on my iPhone 4S and confirmed.
New Posts  All Forums: