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Don't you get it? It's Apple's way of telling you to get a new Mac. Do they really have to spell it out for you?
Well I'm disappointed that I'm not the select number of users who got this special privilege.
Coming in December: the iYacht.
So how do I input my 3 security questions and answers. I logged out of my iTunes and logged back in, but I wasn't prompted with the new alert.
Nice, this is much needed security.
Isn't the iPad 2 a bigger lost now, since it still costs the same to produce but it's selling at $100 less.
It works on the home page, but on other Apple.com pages it doesn't work, I get an error message, no klass.
If you look at the Cellular Data page it says Enable LTE, so it looks legit.
My iPhone 3GS is a Kindle Fire killer
I think they've gone on the cheap side with 1080 @ 4Mbps. They could've gone to 10Mbps, or even 7Mbp, I understand a higher bit rate would've been stressful on the bandwidth, but users have a choice between 720 or 1080. So if people can't handle the 1080 bandwidth, they can opt for 720.
New Posts  All Forums: