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I think they've gone on the cheap side with 1080 @ 4Mbps. They could've gone to 10Mbps, or even 7Mbp, I understand a higher bit rate would've been stressful on the bandwidth, but users have a choice between 720 or 1080. So if people can't handle the 1080 bandwidth, they can opt for 720.
Just re-downloaded Iron Man in 1080p. Interestingly, the file size is smaller than the 720p: 4.21GB (1080) vs. 4.25GB (720). Also the bit rate is low, only 4,000. 720p is 4,100.
Just to clarify, if you want to down load 1080p movies, go to Preferences in iTunes, then go to the Store tab and under When downloading High Definition videos, select: 1080p.
Oh, I never realized you could do that, since it says $10,000 App Store Gift Card, and not iTunes Gift Card.
Well I could never spend $10,000 in apps, still thinks it would've better if the prize was an Apple Gift Card.
Quality check maybe?
One interviewee recommended Jobs for the "high level political position" in spite of assertions that he was deceptive because "honesty and integrity are not required qualities to hold such a position." LOL so true.
Good idea until somebody spill their Coke on the device.
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