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Damn spellcheck
Did they fix any of the deep seated, long-existent bugs, or is this just just a cosmetic fake-out?
AKG MH-50's eat Bose AND Beats for lunch. G
I never keep my phone in my front pocket because it's not good having the radio next to private parts. I always keep it in my back pocket. By the way there IS a history of MANY large phones bending. So blame Samcrap for their battery-bleeding-technology-requiring-larger-battery-size large phone trend ploy. G
Sam has sung it's last tune. Samcrap is already showing signs of desperation. I give 'me two years before they go back to building toilets F
On a recent trip through Heathrow, I immediately noticed that the charging stations were populated by almost ALL cellphones OTHER than iPhones. I remember seeing a couple Samsung, and a few Nokia Windows phones. G
I wish Apple would come out with a SMALLER phone like the old Palm Pre - just to F* wit the industry. Then we'd know for sure that all these other companies are just copy-cats. G
They need room down below for all the motors, gears and pulleys that make the building spin. G
Dump Gore and bring in Musk!!!
Malware in the car.....hmmmmmmm
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