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Apple is getting some good engineers in this deal. The iOS version of Alchemy is great. F
It's not necessarily the apps breaking if the operating system is suddenly crippled. The apps worked great on iOS 7. F
Apple needs to fix the audio distortion issues asap!! Buffering problems, crashing apps, etc. with the heftier apps Such as Animoog, Alchemy (RIP), Audiobus, etc. Synths that worked great in iOS 7 are now sputtery, distorted mess since iOS 8 was released. Nevertheless, it's great that Apple realizes that music production is a VERY big market for iPads. F
Couldn't Apple just buy Tesla?
They need to fix the poor audio performance (stuttering and dropouts) in high end audio apps such as synthesizers and effects. Too easy to hit the CPU ceiling compared to iOS 7.
Damn spellcheck
Did they fix any of the deep seated, long-existent bugs, or is this just just a cosmetic fake-out?
AKG MH-50's eat Bose AND Beats for lunch. G
I never keep my phone in my front pocket because it's not good having the radio next to private parts. I always keep it in my back pocket. By the way there IS a history of MANY large phones bending. So blame Samcrap for their battery-bleeding-technology-requiring-larger-battery-size large phone trend ploy. G
Sam has sung it's last tune. Samcrap is already showing signs of desperation. I give 'me two years before they go back to building toilets F
New Posts  All Forums: