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Apple could easily leapfrog over these also-rans by releasing the next ATV this Summer, while still adding gaming and other features. These gizmos tKe some time to design and build. More media deals, and closing on whatever the Comcast and TWC deal is, will put Apple way out front. To date, IMO the Roku and Fire are just copy-cats anyways. Oh... And didn't Apple add Bluetooth keyboard feature to the ATV OS?.
I rest my case. GEWG is a fabrication.
Direct drug injection feature.
You're still doing it. No context.  No discussion.  Just make fun of someone that has an opinion about a stock or company No substance. I sleep well at night, thank you.  (Retired at 53).
Clearly you're not understanding what I'm trying to say, and have opted to talk down to me.  Good for you.If you're such an elite investor, you should try to enlighten us mere mortals rather than be such a jerk.It won't be over my head that's for sure. I estimate GOOG has five years in it's current incarnation before all licensing, leasing, acquiring dries up.Been tracking GEWGLE since before it existed (having worked in the industry, and now retired).AAPL will go through...
No drugs here.My mind is perfectly clear.  Spewgle is a sham. Just a matter of time before people catch on.
Just FYI... Spewgle didn't innovate ANYTHING. These techs were licensed or acquired. Goople is an ADVERTISING company.  Nothing else. It's all an illusion....   ...and investors will soon catch on.
Spewgle is not even a real company!   The losers that got sucked into this shill ponzy scheme won't know what hit them when the bubble finally bursts.   Any stock that goes up $48 one day and down $26 the next is an obviously manipulated bubble-stock.   Goopgle only licenses (steals) and/or acquires what it wants and sloughs it off as innovation.   It's only source of revenue is friggin' ADVERTISING (and back-end spam), and advertising is on it's way out.   The...
THE Ohio State Marching Band!!! Award winning halftime shows this season, and they use a custom app to develop their shows! G
New Posts  All Forums: