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Malware in the car.....hmmmmmmm
These guys are shim-sham artists. I say the deal dies before WWDC
Apple already has facilities in Oregon, NC, Texas, Ireland, etc.
I miss my Palm Treo. That thing was literally a brick, I also miss my Palm Pre. I often wish Apple would release a small, simple phone just to mess with the market. F
First company to offer porn apps or channels wins. Period.
Apple could easily leapfrog over these also-rans by releasing the next ATV this Summer, while still adding gaming and other features. These gizmos tKe some time to design and build. More media deals, and closing on whatever the Comcast and TWC deal is, will put Apple way out front. To date, IMO the Roku and Fire are just copy-cats anyways. Oh... And didn't Apple add Bluetooth keyboard feature to the ATV OS?.
I rest my case. GEWG is a fabrication.
Direct drug injection feature.
You're still doing it. No context.  No discussion.  Just make fun of someone that has an opinion about a stock or company No substance. I sleep well at night, thank you.  (Retired at 53).
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