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Spewgle is not even a real company!   The losers that got sucked into this shill ponzy scheme won't know what hit them when the bubble finally bursts.   Any stock that goes up $48 one day and down $26 the next is an obviously manipulated bubble-stock.   Goopgle only licenses (steals) and/or acquires what it wants and sloughs it off as innovation.   It's only source of revenue is friggin' ADVERTISING (and back-end spam), and advertising is on it's way out.   The...
THE Ohio State Marching Band!!! Award winning halftime shows this season, and they use a custom app to develop their shows! G
More worthless busy-work for the overpaid Crapertino city council members. Just watch the youtube vid of Steve's original pitch to hear all the clueless questions. The ONLY concern is the traffic off ramp off the hwy - and Apple has designed this to be expanded. Have you SEEN the old run-down HP campus on that site? The new spaceship is WAY more environmentally conscious. Why do our so-called 'representatives' waste so much time and energy over nothing?
A SMALLER feature-reduced iPhone would be awesome. Would bridge between iPod and iPhone. Could even be strapped to wrist. Why not?
Levin has an ass-face.
Didn't the ad also mention something about the mini having NO ability to watch videos? What a clueless moron.  I say Amacon is an ad-based boof catering to the ignorant masses with false advertising.  
Can't wait for Apple to release a new Mac Pro to put the rest of the industry out of it's misery. There's still a window of opportunity there for Apple to conquer desktops while the laptop market grows.
Yup, exactly.   How long will Goog survive as a virtual company? How long before the rug gets pulled out when the market realizes that the whole Goog scheme has been a sham?  
Worth re-posting pics of before and after iPhone.
Exactly.   Concoct an artificially high 'expectation', and despite Apple beating it's OWN estimates, the moron greedy 'street' has to create an excuse to short the stock. Absolutely clueless.   But hey, people need an excuse to buy in, and the institutions are trying to find a reason to accumulate more.   Check out the volume and you'll see what's really happening.   In a couple weeks or so it'll be back to where it was yesterday morning and all will be...
New Posts  All Forums: