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Rats. I was desperately trying to avoid that start-from-scratch route since it involves 200 some apps in quite a lot of folders. I foresee using an entire sick day(s) to get my iPad back to just the way I want it. Thanks for the tip.
Google has every right to push whatever products they want, they're a business. But as for myself I'm uncomfortable with a company where most of its revenue comes from advertising. Their do no evil motto became meaningless years ago.
Hi folks, is there a way to back up an iPad so that folders and the way you arranged icons are retained, but no junk data that's hidden in the background don't migrate over to a recovery? There are some crashes that I've experienced with some apps, so I tried the known way of backing up and recovering my iPad thinking it would resolve the issue. But even after a fresh recovery, the crashes still happen. This made me wonder if some corrupted data gets backed up and...
Sorry you feel that way. I just like both my Apple and Samsung products and I like to be honest in my opinions regardless of it being positive or negative. Like I said before I don't like rabid Apple haters, but I also don't appreciate blind fanboys.It happens to be the same world both you and I live in. Top brand consultant agencies that measure global brand prestige have ranked Samsung in the top 25 every year for the last decade. Only since 2010 did Apple overtake...
Not really surprising.
Someone get on with a universal translator! I travel a lot for work and it would be funny to have a conversation with our phones as middlemen.
I know this is a site for us Apple fans, but you're bleeding misinformation and conspiracy theories left and right. I don't like rabid Apple haters, but I also don't appreciate blind fanboys. You seem like one, with your absurd conjectures and ignorance of even the most basic knowledge of global companies.Maybe you've been living near a weird black hole where 1 year to you is really 20 years to us. Samsung's appliances have actually been considered the best for a long...
I like me some Apple but $20k? Does this somehow include a business side or is it all for gadgets in the home?
Still happy with my experience.
Whether the numbers are accurate or not I think Apple really made keen business moves in the last decade and they revived the tech industry with some fresh twists to old things. Focusing on apps and making a wall gardened approach, as much as apple haters like to criticize it, really makes a difference in your experience using a device. Such an environment also not surprisingly attracts a lot of developers.
New Posts  All Forums: