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Isn't Vizio an American company? I'm not aware of any Chinese makers on the market today other than Haier who's sales seem negligible.
Sony has always been getting their panels from Samsung, where have you been?
Very interesting. Do you have links? Maybe that's why LG never sued.
Why did this even make news here, it has nothing to do with Apple.
It's odd that Apple gets all their displays from LG. I wonder if a side deal was made.
Testify brother.
I heard Samsung is coming out with transparent TVs similar to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=m5rlTrdF5Cs
White prostitutes often refuse service to black men. It's just the prostitute's preference.
Actually they're third behind Belgium and Lithuania, the chart in wiki is not updated. And the rate in China is 22.2 in 100,000 so your comparison is a bit skewed.
Apple recently passed Sony as Samsung's biggest customer so I doubt Samsung will do any funny business with the supplies. And the fact is Apple has been depending on Samsung cpu's ever since the birth of the iphone, and Apple is not eager to make a change either.And you make it sound like Apple can cure cancer with it's 100 billion lol.Samsung, for their part, is investing $41.4 billion in 2012.They invested $34 billion in 2011. And so on.Quality does not just appear from...
New Posts  All Forums: