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 Why do assume that this was a server (overload) issue? When you hit the "slide to upgrade wall" a forced reboot asks you to confirm which Wifi network you are using, then it freezes again (immediately). Doesn't sound like it is anything to do with server capacity and suggesting that users are at fault for following on screen prompts to upgrade reads like childish denial.
  How did you manage to upgrade to ios 8 first. I have limited experience of iphones/iTunes. After experiencing the "slide to upgrade" and using iTunes, it automatically installed iOS 9, iTunes didn't ask me which version I wanted. TBH I don't know which OS version the phone had previously been on
 Next time, try a forced reboot. Hold the power and home button at the same time until it powers up again
For many people, this is not a fix and the advice given isn't correct.   I foolishly suggested that my client upgrade her 5S yesterday.   She ended up with the frozen "slide to upgrade" screen.   I plugged the phone in to iTunes. Selected "back up now". It pretended to do something. I then selected restore. It told me that I need to go to settings in the phone and turn off "find my phone" (duh...).   I deleted the phone from find my phone in icloud.com but still...
A well written article, possibly one of the best AI articles that I have read in some time.
Apple are only offering UK customers £215 when they sell them at £269.95. Why only a partial refund?
Honestly constable, the only time that I interacted with my watch was whilst the car was sitting at a red light. I completely ignored all notifications and was happy to listen to my play list whilst in transit
 Even more odd, on the sample refund form, they ask for both the purchase and delivery date, even though delivery will negate your right to a refund.
 Additionally the VAT rates charged for iTunes purchases are currently 23%. Apple's iTunes servers are base in Ireland. Apple could charge the VAT rates applicable in Luxembourg if they wanted to but they decided to charge EU customers the Irish VAT rate. The changes should benefit the majority of customers  ******EDIT********** http://store.apple.com/uk/help/payments#tax  Why do I pay 23% VAT on Electronic Software Download orders and other products which are classified...
You almost seem to endorsing Apple's stance, assuming that Computer Bild's claims about being ostracised are true.   I don't speak German, so I don't know how favourable the review was (aside from the bending part), however, if the bending of the phone was not sleight of hand, it does raise some serious questions.   I can see that a firm would not want to offer grace and favours to a publication which has a history of maligning them but that firm cannot expect a...
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