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 That was once the case but it has been available since April as a standalone. If you have an Office ProPlus subscription it is only $1.50pm for 1 TB and AFAIK it is free if you have SharePoint Online. Whilst it is great to see apple dropping their prices the MS package represents better value, supports more platforms and has greater functionality.
Onedrive business is $2.50 per month for 1TB iCloud 1TB pricing? At $3.99 for 200GB, I would guess that 1TB would be about 4 times more expensive than Microsoft's offerings
 oops... sorry, my bad. I posted before reading all of the replies.
I am more than slightly sceptical about the calculated amounts.   At no point has the iPhone 4 been counted. It is claimed that the recent re-release of the iPhone 4 has help to double the installed base in India. Whilst Apple stopped supplying the 4 a couple of weeks ago, it is still available via partner carriers, typically costing $190 (un-subsidised).   Surely this would have had a massive impact on the average selling price?
Yet another revisionist article that tries to mislead the reader.   DED, why must you continue to pretend that prior to the iphone all phones had Qwerty or numeric keyboards?   HTC's first ever handset was the 2002 Wallaby. It ran Windows Mobile and sported a 3.5" touch screen. It had no keyboard.  
 I was asking what the VAT rate was from the perspective of a customer. As such it is incredibly easy for them to tell me. TBF to the agent that I contacted, I did ask three questions initially. The first was what rate do UK iTunes customers pay. The second was, how does one request a VAT receipt. The third wasn't really a question but an observation, the Apple contact page does not recognise email addresses ending in .me.uk  In my follow up response I made it abundantly...
 Hi Marvin. My email to apple was "anonymous", ie., not tagged to my Apple ID. I did reply to their less than helpful email, explaining that I just wanted to know what rate of VAT was applied. Their response was that they would  need my Apple ID. I do not understand why one needs to do this though. AFAIK one is legally entitled to know what rate of VAT is being applied. The Apple site suggests 23% (whereas others here suggest 15%), all I am trying to do is get...
Hi Marvin As far as the VAT man is concerned iTunes downloads are classified as services. Yes iTunes SARL is based in Luxembourg, where the applicable VAT rate is 15% and not the 6% quoted on most sites. BUT, and here is the big but, ~The digital portion of the deal incurs a VAT charge wherever the publisher’s subscription fulfilment company is based.~ In the case of Apple the fulfilment company is based in Ireland. I did email Apple last night for clarification....
I don't think that will raise their prices. They would have known that the writing was on the wall and may have seen the tax differential as being a short term gain. Prices are pegged against their competitors.  Those competitors that are UK based and playing the game fairly would be in a stronger position if Amazon hike their prices up.
 The laws are somewhat asymmetric. Why pay VAT on an eBook when the original was 0% VAT rated? Bizarrely you have to pay VAT on printing catalogues, I guess that the argument is that they are promotional products but you don't pay VAT for flyers (considered to be one off promotional products) or newspapers which increasingly seem to be half full of adverts. 
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