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what do you expect me to link to? ALL OEMs sell to channels, none know exactly when those channels have sold a device. Apple can report sales through their own outlets, they can report orders placed by resellers but they cannot say how many units have been sold to end users. if you want to believe otherwise then go ahead, also feel free to believe that the earth is flat and that fairies live at the foot of your garden .
I haven't tried Here on ios7 but (IMO) Here on WP is better than both Google maps on Android and Apple maps on iOS. As a Londoner I particularly like the internal Tube station layouts. That said, the default mapping on any OS should be the best for that OS given app integration and permissions.
What is the point of the Samsung/Google road map picture?   If Apple had invented laptops, All in Ones and OSes then it would have a degree of creditability. As it stands it is as silly as those photos that compared the original iphone to the handsets with small screens and numeric keyboards.  
In common with the vast majority of manufacturers, Apple also include units shipped to carriers that have not neccessarilly been sold on to end customers. Outside of major American cities (and perhaps even including them) I would imagine that the majority of Apple products (especially phones) are sold via 3rd party channels. It is simply incorrect to state that Apple report actual numbers.
App store usage?   Do apple mean that in the period covered 74% of devices downloading new apps were on iOS7?   If so, does that mean that an older device that hasn't downloaded any new apps for some time won't be counted?
 The link says   "Almost half of [American] iPhone 5C owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG,"   How does that prove that "Half of Apple's iPhone 5c sales are to Android switchers"   I read it as suggesting that the half in question already owned phones that were not iPhones but that they could have been a mixture of Symbian, WM, WP, Android, etc.   Accordingly doesn't it follows that the remaining 50% were a combination of existing...
  The Mac operating system is designed to be easy to use and engineered to take full advantage of the technologies built into every computer we make. So everything works just the way you expect it to. So where does it say, "BTW this is a Beta"? History shows that most software is buggy but do you really think it fair to malign customers that are having problems?
 I must admit I had always laboured under the (incorrect) assumption that DST in the UK was because of Scottish farmers that are scared of the dark. I was wrong http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-15492270
iTunes/App store purchases are via Ireland, meaning that all EU customers pay the higher Irish VAT rate of 23%. Amazon sell digital content via Luxembourg, meaning that customers pay the lower vat, Apple don't. TBH I can't remember what the angle is
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