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If you are happy to live with wifi only, you can buy an iphone 3gs (with no further costs)  for $75 less than a top end ipod...Granted the capacity will be much lower   mind you Apple charge a whopping £105 for jumping from 32gb to 64gb, when you consider that you can get a 64gd SD card for about a quarter of that price I can see why someone would be interested in a droid with removable sd.
 Apologies accept. BTW most people in the uk don't even know that they are breaking the law.
 http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5190238/c_1/1%7Ccategory_root%7CHome+entertainment+and+sat+nav%7C14419512/c_2/2%7C14419512%7CiPod%7C14419719/c_3/3%7Ccat_14419719%7CiPod+touch%7C14419726.htm   £324.99 for the 63gb ipodtouch   Vs   £249.95 for a   HTC One V  on pay as you go.       You need to get a new calculator
 Errr... because where I live it is illegal.   In the United Kingdom, making a private copy of copyrighted media without the copyright owner's consent is currently illegal,.   So if I own a LP and decide I want to store it on my computer, either "acquiring" a copy from the internet or ripping it from the vinyl will result in me breaking the law.   It was also illegal to store free to air tv programmes for more than a week or two (until relatively recently).   With With...
 ??? Prior to the iPhone anyone that could be bothered/was inclined could easilly upgrade their Windows Mobile. I was able to reflash my WM2003 BlueAngel with every single Windows Mobile OS upgrade. MS were very open with WinCE and didn't mind owners/communities cooking their own roms. Nor did firms such as HTC mind, so long as their own features (eg truFlo) weren't being ported to different brands.   Perhaps most people can't be "bothered" because their first experience...
  lack of basic software features- what features would those be? lack of superior hardware with things like a high quality screen- agreed no apps- 100,000 thats hardly no apps forced windows features like the xbox crap- no one is forcing you to play games on the phone   Windows 8 is a step in the right direction. But it doesn't matter because this phone isn't getting that anyway. True but it will get WP7.8 which will be the parts of WP8 that are supported by the hardware
 ???? How old are you?
 Even if you are downloading a mp3 version of a song that you previuosly purchased in another form.... 
 Windows phone did offer a time limited try "before you buy", TBH I don't know if they have relaxed the rules now though
Personally I always thought that the me.com was quite cool. Most people never knew what it stood for.   Mind you I have never understood why people don't just register their own domains, doesn't cost much.
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