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 Pay grade? So a limitless supply of crayons makes you the richest kid on the block. Mommy must be proud of you. Just remind her to keep them away from the radiator when she tucks you in at night.   I was being polite when I suggested that you were my equal, god forbid, in the event that I become your equal, I hope that my living will results in the life support machine being turned off.   I can only imagine that you were distracted by getting another crayon stuck up you...
I seldom have reason to call BS on you but to suggest that China is communist just because Wikipedia says so highlights some pretty serious flaws in your understanding of Communism. By definition it implies that all members are willing participants. Thus there has never been a true communist state, nor is it likely that there will ever be one. There have been states that adopted some of the Marxist principles but in reality they have ended up as state capitalists.
 In a moment of weakness (my previous post) I tried to reply to you as an equal.   I am now rapidly drawing the conclusion that you are a fandroid. Perhaps in the pay of one of Apple's competitors; your motive being to make Apple owners look like narrow minded, sub-intelligent, xenophobic, obsessional children.   Kudos for lasting so long.
 I believe that the term "global warming" was dropped because it caused confusion. The term did not imply that everywhere would be idyllic and cosy. It referred to aggregate temperatures and failed to highlight the cooling/flooding/extreme conditions elsewhere, hence the adoption of "climate change"   Yes there are companies that jump on any bandwagon that morphs into a gravy train, it does not mean that the concept is flawed though.   BTW We all cherry pick data to...
The phone was put in the microwave to dry it out. Stupid lying fecker...   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2162638/Exploding-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-deliberately-placed-microwave-faulty-says-official-investigation.html
  Other than not wanting the end user or 3rd parties to be able to replace or upgrade components, what alternative reason would there be for the use of proprietary screws and the soldering of the ram?
 Since when were planets sentient?
 Well I guess that your love of crayons is quite green.   Carbon footprint IQ?
The choice of their preferred OS aside, HTC have been instrumental in the development of smartphones over the last 10 years, pushing boundaries with what were ultimately niche phones but daring never-the-less. IMO the market needs makers that are willing to release low volume units.
1. It does not follow that being a victim of racism prevents one from being a racist- i am not familiar with the posts in question and thus am not accusing you of anything. 2.. Not relevant to me 3. The US gov routinely incorrectly assume that i am Muslim and accordingly see me as a risk that must undergo extra searches and questioning on entry to the USA. Otherwise, people assuming that I am from the same community as them has never disadvantaged me. 4. Reverse...
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