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 I must admit I had always laboured under the (incorrect) assumption that DST in the UK was because of Scottish farmers that are scared of the dark. I was wrong http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-15492270
iTunes/App store purchases are via Ireland, meaning that all EU customers pay the higher Irish VAT rate of 23%. Amazon sell digital content via Luxembourg, meaning that customers pay the lower vat, Apple don't. TBH I can't remember what the angle is
1. Apple does funnel money through Caribbean tax havens (via Braeburn Capital).2. Not true, "Apple has set up a cost-sharing agreement with its Irish subsidiaries that gives them a disproportionate share of the profit from research and development that occurs in the United States."
Does Find My iPhone work if the SIM has been removed? (And the phone is not within range of a trusted WIFI network)
 32 bit OSes have the ability to see more than 4GB of RAM, however, many  can't because of restrictions placed on them by the OS vendor/maker
Erm... wouldn't a snow ball rolling down a hill gather both momentum and mass?   Just saying ;)
 In the main I agree with the sentiment of your post. I would however like to point out that the majority of people that  speak English natively live outside of the USA. There are many words that we spell the original way, recognise, is one such word.
 I only saw one of the videos. I agree it was crap and am happy to assume that the others were equally poor. I too assumed that the two rear of heads were supposed to be those of Jobs and Ive but I think you protest too loudly apropos the cancer element. I could not see anything which mocked Jobs' illness. Indeed the two heads were not even directly mocked.
The iPod shuffle is generally considered to be a cheap product. The first Macintosh was indeed expensive but after the initial fanfare sales were poor. Personally I think that a cheaper phone would have made sense. Sales of the current flagship models would be tiny in comparison were it not for the contract subsidies. There will always be people willing to pay top notch for an offline phone but as the number of "capable" cheap smartphones increases the mobile phone...
First thing to do is stop using the card, otherwise you risk over writing the data.   http://www.piriform.com/recuva   It is a free Windows program. It's made by the same people that make CCleaner, ie no spyware/malware.
New Posts  All Forums: