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 WTF???   There was no Israel before 1948. There was the British Palestine Mandate and it is true that following the Arab uprisings in the 30's the British decided to limit the numbers of Jewish people wishing to immigrate in  to Palestine. Previously under British control the Jewish population increased from 11 to 33%. So if you mean that refusing entry or having to resort to putting illegal immigrants into holding camps is treating people like shit then so be it.   Or...
 Indeed, to be a victim of  antisemitism one needs to be Jewish. That is not the same as saying that you have to be Jewish to understand or experience discrimination.
        I would question the degree to which Apple are vertically integrated. They don't make their hardware, they contract that out to 3rd parties. They do have thier own retail arm but they also rely on 3rd party vendors. The only "absolute" control that they have is over  repairs(?) and software.   If economics were so simple everyone would be vertically integrated and vertically integrated firms such as RIM and Nokia would be loaded. And let's not forget that MS can...
 I would have thought that it would be passive, meaning that it will only work when connected. BTW there will be 2 versions, the second will be slightly thicker (6.8mm Vs 3mm) and will provide 1.5mm travel, much the same as a standard laptop keyboard.  
 Surely the iPad is not  new category, it is a subcategory of computers.   Tablets may not be pitched as laptop replacements but it is undeniable that many tablets are being purchased by people that decided that they didn't need the full functionality of a laptop, so rather than pay a hefty premium for an ultra-portable pc they went for the cheaper option and gained the other advantages such as supeior battery life and "instant" boot.   For the above group of people the...
 I too was going to mention ARM  (and Jonathan Ive) but Red Oak did specifically mention software contributions.   I guess you shouldn't be too hard on Red Oak, that's what comes of being fed a diet of Hollywood movies that tell the public that the Americans captured the Enigma machine, won the War on their own, saved Afganistan, the world, etc....
 Step away from the banjo... come on, keep things in perspective. The firm was sending unsolicited sms invites to people. The owners were not financially harmed in anyway. It was an abuse, that is best resolved via legal action.   Erm... just noticed your user name. Sorry, it's been a long day, am sitting in the pub and I have evidentally had a sense of humour bypass. Time for another pangalactic garglebalster, or two.
 ???   You can get an iphone in store with a contract but I guess technically however you are not buying it from Apple. Perhaps they are acting as agents
 How paranoid are you?   If you read the links you will see that Kaspersky were contacted by a telco who had noticed suspicious behavour related to this app. Do you not think that if they wanted to scare iPhone owners they would create something that does more than just annoy your friends?   Are you suggesting that they are also responsible for the other apps that uploaded plain text copies of owners address bocks  (Aurora Feint/LinkedIn/Path)?
 Shooting the messenger won't  rewrite history.   Apple have done a very good job thus far but it is inevitable that attempts to slip malware in to walled app stores will increase in line with market share. Phone malware has been around since the days of the Symbian Cabir. We the public just need to accept that the safety of our personal data is in the hands of other people.
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