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 ???   You can get an iphone in store with a contract but I guess technically however you are not buying it from Apple. Perhaps they are acting as agents
 How paranoid are you?   If you read the links you will see that Kaspersky were contacted by a telco who had noticed suspicious behavour related to this app. Do you not think that if they wanted to scare iPhone owners they would create something that does more than just annoy your friends?   Are you suggesting that they are also responsible for the other apps that uploaded plain text copies of owners address bocks  (Aurora Feint/LinkedIn/Path)?
 Shooting the messenger won't  rewrite history.   Apple have done a very good job thus far but it is inevitable that attempts to slip malware in to walled app stores will increase in line with market share. Phone malware has been around since the days of the Symbian Cabir. We the public just need to accept that the safety of our personal data is in the hands of other people.
 Perish the thought that anyone would would marry a media player and phone.
 If a paid for warranty extension is not insurance then what is it?  The vendor is telling you that there is a reasonable possibility that his product will fail between 12 and 24 months, he pitches a price that he considers will not leave him out of pocket and that is attractive enough to the customer to gamble on the phone breaking.   I was not endorsing the insurance policy that I hyperlinked to. I was merely suggesting that the risk averse might be better off with 3rd...
Don't take it personally. Many of the members here are tud thumping eff wits that are so shallow that they will slag off any country or person that dares to even suggest that apple is not absolutely perfect. Inspite of their "devotion" they do apple's image much harm by portraying owners as obsessive
 ??? The Surface will  meet the requirements for Edius and Premiere.
 Congratulations, you are now officially as red necked as Galbi...
No, if you want to be extra safe then pay a little more and get 3rd party insurance that will cover; failure, loss, accidental damage and theft.   AppleCare is just an insurance policy which doesn't cover anything other than defects that should not occur within a 24 month period. Hence the point of the legal action in Italy...   iPhone AppleCare= approx £70, 3rd party= approx £70   Below is an example policy which costs the same as AppleCare. Can you spot the...
New Posts  All Forums: