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I would have assumed that there were already more symbians than windows PCs, or even household appliances, eg dvd players etc, than Windows.   Those kind of comparisons are rather silly. Calling a tablet a PC is one thing but calling an android a PC is stretching things a tad too far.
I  have no idea how much is indeed fud but do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim that they make 40% profit, can you even explain what they are making 40% profit on?   The impression that i get from elsewhere is that the carriers are currently (still) willing to pay substantially more for the handsets because they see it as the easiest way to coerce owners to data tariffs from feature phones.   As you point out, iPhone owners consume more data than...
The size of the fine might reflect the fact that apple were asked to drop the 4g claim. Had they done so there would probably have been no fine at all, as was the case in the UK. instead Apple went on the defensive claiming that 2 baked bean tins and a bit of string were technically 4G.   Apple put two fingers up and got slapped on the wrist. The size of the slap may well be increased soon though. It looks as though the Australians want the fine to be punitive, thereby...
It depends on who you listen to. Apple claim it is not an issue but most other observervers claim that it is.   $2000 per customer is meaningless if, as a carrier, you can't make any profit and are forced to increase costs elsewhere.
  I whole heartedly agree with your first point. Whilst smartphones have been around since since the begining of the centuary the market is still in its infancy. As an infant market the press have a far greater influence over customers than one would expect in a mature market.   If you ask the average punter why they purchased their given OS they will often with reply with a marketing mantra. I often hear iPhone owners say "Because it just works" or Andriod owners...
  What has the law of large numbers got to do with this?
  To suggest that Terry Gou would would dare to put a gloss on things is an affront to probity. Oh hang... on isn't he the fellow that asked "what is wrong with sweatshops"?
Were Tim Cook and Paul O'Grady separated at birth?   http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/britains-got-talent/paul-ogrady-for-britains-got-talent/
Far point, but they could have released versions that would work in the countries that they were being sold in, or they could have saved a few pennies in the states that have no LTE and used cheaper non-LTE chips, or sold them without suggesting that they had features that are not relevant to those areas.   Caveat emptor is a pretty poor way for any firm to conduct themselves.
I import products from the USA to resell in the EU.   I have to re-label some of the products, either because the name is deemed misleading or because the product description/claims go beyond the legally accepted levels of implication.   Whilst I would rather not have to shell out the extra money, I am mindfull of the fact that I am not forced to import the products. By and large I try to adhere to the law. If I make a mistake then the Powers That Be will ask me...
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