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  I whole heartedly agree with your first point. Whilst smartphones have been around since since the begining of the centuary the market is still in its infancy. As an infant market the press have a far greater influence over customers than one would expect in a mature market.   If you ask the average punter why they purchased their given OS they will often with reply with a marketing mantra. I often hear iPhone owners say "Because it just works" or Andriod owners...
  What has the law of large numbers got to do with this?
  To suggest that Terry Gou would would dare to put a gloss on things is an affront to probity. Oh hang... on isn't he the fellow that asked "what is wrong with sweatshops"?
Were Tim Cook and Paul O'Grady separated at birth?   http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/britains-got-talent/paul-ogrady-for-britains-got-talent/
Far point, but they could have released versions that would work in the countries that they were being sold in, or they could have saved a few pennies in the states that have no LTE and used cheaper non-LTE chips, or sold them without suggesting that they had features that are not relevant to those areas.   Caveat emptor is a pretty poor way for any firm to conduct themselves.
I import products from the USA to resell in the EU.   I have to re-label some of the products, either because the name is deemed misleading or because the product description/claims go beyond the legally accepted levels of implication.   Whilst I would rather not have to shell out the extra money, I am mindfull of the fact that I am not forced to import the products. By and large I try to adhere to the law. If I make a mistake then the Powers That Be will ask me...
I don't recall seeing any other maker marketing a product as 4g in the UK. Do you have any evidence?   yes apple are being singled out by the ASA but that is because they have singularly broken the law.
Come on... until the Australian case, we all know that Apple were using the 4G moniker to refer to LTE. The HSPA+ 4G argument only entered the equation when their backs were against the wall.   Now it would  be interesting to see how Apple define "ultra fast wireless". With the next upgrade will that become "ultra super fast wireless"?
Whilst I am glad that the change has been made I am saddened by the fact that the change was the direct result of legal action (and or the threat of it) rather than the wish to prevent confusion.   Someone in the advertising department needs to spoken to very sternly. At a time when everything Apple does is being scrutinised they need to be on top of their game.
  Why is it that the stock reply to someone complaining about what they see as moral decline often involves the recommendation that they move country?   Should one emigrate because they feel that taxes are too high? or that their government is corrupt? or that they feel that there are too many muggers?            
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