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I completely see the need to retain passcodes in the event of sensor failure or finger damage.   But why is the finger print considered less secure after 48 hours or a reboot? Is it possible that the system only "trusts" finger prints for a short duration, and needs to update them frequently, ie incrementally update them?   Lots of people turn their phones off at night.
At such events, how do you know where to start queuing? Do you have to go into the store and ask where to pitch your chair?
 You seem to be suggesting that the two gentlemen at the front of the queue are living on state hand-outs. I was asking why you had jumped to that conclusion?
Opera's excellent mobile browser predates the iphone. It supported tap to zoom, tabs and was vastly customisable
I thought that the family of the fellow in the coma and the young lady had insisted that the chargers were not fake. Apple responded initially by saying  'It was with great sadness we learned through press reports that a Beijing customer was injured while using a "knock off" or counterfeit charger and we are looking into this further."  but to date they have neither denied or confirmed if either were fake. Does it really take 3 months to confirm if a product is...
 Apparently standard glass has a protection factor of 30, meaning that you can get a tan, albeit very slowly.
 At what cost though? Retail space adds a lot to overheads.
 I wonder what makes you conclude that they are on benefits? I'd imagine that they are trying to promote themselves (in one way or another), after all it's not as if the new phone(s) are perceived as being ground breaking
new shorter codes are being discovered   http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/08/30/apple-apps-turned-upside-down-writing-right-to-left-youre-only-6-characters-from-a-crash/
Yep, correct. I should have stressed that the apps/programs crash and not the OS.   I only know a few people that have received these messages as SMS from "friends".   The early advice was to ask the sender to flood you with clean texts whereas an easier option is to open the address book and send a really long message to the sender (I guess you need to ask him not to send it again though).
New Posts  All Forums: