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The apple forum is now down. No idea if this is due to people posting the code or not.   There is a picture say "we'll be back soon- we are busy updating apple support communities for you and will be back shortly".   Do they take the whole forum down vey often?
more here   http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/08/rendering-bug-crashes-os-x-and-ios-apps-with-string-of-arabic-characters/   and here   http://************/2013/08/29/text-based-bug-that-crashes-apps-in-os-x-10-8-ios-6-discovered-fixed-in-os-x-10-9-and-ios-7/   Hmnnn... seems I cant post a link to another well known apple forum   firefox doesn't crash though
Mavericks is reported as being OK   Did you go to this site   http://doesmyphonecrash.tumblr.com/
according to https://twitter.com/nickdepetrillo it is Unicode not Arabic.   I have unhyperlinked the above link. Don't go there if using a vulnerable device
http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/29/bug-in-apples-coretext-allows-specific-string-of-characters-to-crash-ios-6-os-x-10-8-apps/   Are reporting that plain text can crash any iProduct and Mac not running iOS7 or Mavericks.   It's gonna be a choppy out there for the next couple of days.   PS there is a link to the text - just don't try to view it on any older OSes   http://doesmyphonecrash.tumblr.com/   It looks like even changing a ssid to the text will...
trying to post comments on WP8 is pretty difficult (or rather posts with quotes). Hence many of my posts have the quote below. If i try to add the text after the quote, this site and WP play silly beggers. The site gives me the copy pop up box or WP doesn't pull up the keyboard...
it is difficult to enter into conversation with someone that is so defensive. You (understandably) take umbrage when you consider that someone is being rude to you but you are so entrenched in your point of view that you fail to see when you are being rude.   Any OS on crap hardware will result in a crap experience. There were many crap winMo handsets, equally there were many high end WinMo handsets. Your dismissal of WM seems to based on little more than the fact that...
I admit that I was thinking of something akin to the shuffle, albeit on that has (more) functionality. I just didn't have the guts to deal with the inevitable flak.
  If we assume that the majority of potential 5C owners are those that will opt for cheaper tariffs (ie. those with limited data allowances) the idea of limiting the storage to 8gb seems folly.   Apple need to sell phones to generate income via iTunes. Who is going to buy music or apps on the spur of the moment if they can't store it on their phone or stream it to their handset?   Perhaps they need to include SD.   Apple can afford to take a slight direct profit hit on...
Originally Posted by blackbook  The 5C will be far more profitable than a discounted 5 no matter how you look at it. For $550 Apple would make more money selling a 16GB or even 32GB 5C than a 16GB 5. The iPhone 5 is done after September 10th.
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