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An informative and interesting representation found at the following link   http://www.digibarn.com/stories/desktop-history/bushytree.html   Note: the original image contains hyperlinks (not active in the image posted on this forum)   Tnxs to dhalbert
Erm, I think you owe dhalbert an apology.   Had you followed dhalbert's link you would have had the opportunity to end up here   Given the animosity directed towards Mr Halbert I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to contribute any more to this discussion but I, for one, would be interested to hear (read) his take on the matter.  
The suggestion that Apple "buried" the billion dollar patent for altruistic reasons is puzzling- Why would they do that? If is really is that powerful then surely they should be using in the on going Samsung case?
it is a tad misleading though. There were several firms already making "low cost" mouses(/mice?), eg Logitech. Indeed even Microsoft had a mouse in 1983.   The alternative devices are equally flawed. The Apple Graphics tablet wasn't even made or designed by Apple. It was the KoalaPad, a product that also had variants for Atari, Commodore, TRS80 and IBM. Equally contentious is the scroll wheel, Bang and Olufsen had been using it for years before Apple adopted it as a means...
the iphone is cross subsidised and often cheaper with a contract, at least it is in the uk   there are a lot of dumb people in the uk saving about £100 by getting a subsidised phone...
Originally Posted by jazzguru  If he were white and used the "n word", he'd be out of office now. That's the double standard.
how is he being racist? Had he said white people are predisposed to being oppressive i would agree with you. In this case he is comparing the tea party with an earlier group of people. Were he white would you have taken offence?
the suggestion that windows phone is growing purely and simply because of low end phones is not very accurate. The best selling WP is a mid range phone, followed by the erstwhile flagship 920.
in and of itself your response seems fairly reasonable. One is however left wondering why you feel the need to rally against Muslims in the middle east. Are they bad people because they are Muslims living in muslim states? Perhaps you are concerned that they are trying to export their legal framework to the West. Can you really see any country allowing a disadvantaged minority rewrite the rule book for the majority? I can't.       Imo several interpretations of the Qu'ran...
Originally Posted by Hands Sandon  I feel very sorry for you...I have never met a muslim that didn't strike me as decent. Were you attacked in some way?
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