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  Perhaps, but most firms appreciate that if you don't offer customers what they want (within reason) they will eventually go elsewhere.
  No, I don't know the actual sales figures. I posted a link to a respectable source. There are many others citing the same evidence.   Let me ask you to tell us what the sales figures for each of the iPhones in India are then.   You seem to be arguing that my post is incorrect and then backtracking by mentioning the relative cost of Nokia handsets. At the risk of ruining your day- there are many countries where iOS is not the number one phone OS.
Indeed. I was however, in part, countering Ankleskater's suggestion that you cannot know what your friends want. If you ask them, surely it is safe to assume that they will be honest with you.
I see nothing wrong with anecdotal "evidence" (per se). As consumers we are swayed by what we see around us. If all of my friends has silver cars I would either buy one to fit in with the crowd or not, to "stand out". In the event that I didn't know anyone with a car, the colour would be less important.   I concede that it is folly to assume that one's sample of friends is representative of the wider customer base, that said, they are part of that customer base. 
Quote: iPad mini?
  For most of the iPhone's history, 3.5" was considered the "sweet spot". They didn't have any problems telling people that 4" was "just right" so I doubt convincing people that 4.8" is "perfect" would be an onerous task.   Perhaps a "radical" redesign of the phone could allow them to put a bigger screen in without increasing the footprint. Afterall, do the mic and home button really need so much space?
"by far the most popular iPhone"- what does that actually mean? The best selling iPhone ever? The one that most iPhone5 owners like?     "Also singled out as having strong sales were the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Russia, India, and Thailand"- An even stranger statement. In two of those countries, namely Russia and India, Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone, which means that Apple must be in third or forth place. source...
Yes, i stated the obvious but only to counter the suggestion that apple doesn't subscribe to the one size fits all approach to phones, or do you disagree? Actually, can you explain what it is that you have taken umbrage with? I am not totally sure.
Some members feel that they have to be critical of any policy not currently adopted by apple, even though they are then forced to back track in the event that apple change the policy. The shift away from the 3.5 inch screen was a classic example, as was the smaller iPad.
you know what MH means by one size fits all. At any given point in time apple only have one new phone, hence the one size fits all analogy. The older handsets exist largely because apple already paid for machinery/R&D.
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