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Originally Posted by jazzguru  If he were white and used the "n word", he'd be out of office now. That's the double standard.
how is he being racist? Had he said white people are predisposed to being oppressive i would agree with you. In this case he is comparing the tea party with an earlier group of people. Were he white would you have taken offence?
the suggestion that windows phone is growing purely and simply because of low end phones is not very accurate. The best selling WP is a mid range phone, followed by the erstwhile flagship 920.
in and of itself your response seems fairly reasonable. One is however left wondering why you feel the need to rally against Muslims in the middle east. Are they bad people because they are Muslims living in muslim states? Perhaps you are concerned that they are trying to export their legal framework to the West. Can you really see any country allowing a disadvantaged minority rewrite the rule book for the majority? I can't.       Imo several interpretations of the Qu'ran...
Originally Posted by Hands Sandon  I feel very sorry for you...I have never met a muslim that didn't strike me as decent. Were you attacked in some way?
i have better things to do with my spare time than trying to validate an irrational dislike of other people. I have read the parts of the bible, many of which are pretty horrific, i don't however conclude that all Christians or Jews are evil. The vast majorly of Muslims that i have met strike me as being decent people.
I feel sorry for you... Imo all religions are a bit silly, but I do not have the capacity to hate hundreds of millions of people because they follow a book that dictates opening their eggs from the other end
Why do you feel the need to post a picture of the KFC Mecca branch and pretend that it is an American branch of KFC (no need to answer, it's a rhetorical question)
  Perhaps, but most firms appreciate that if you don't offer customers what they want (within reason) they will eventually go elsewhere.
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