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 Lonely worthy comment in a pile of garbage.   Today I found my Citizen Ecco-drive in another pile of garbage.  Coincidence? Beautiful titanium watch.... no signs of life. It's been a while since I wore them.  Cell phone killed watch for millions, including myself and you can call it super smart watch: there is no demand. I don't think Apple will have enough fanatics to justify design, development and manufacturing. Maybe Apple just spread a rumor to lure silly Koreans...
Why would anyone bother about Chinese workforce? It's not like they have a lot of the choice.
Wow, so many angry whiny hate posts.... What's the point? 
Thanks, I'll try tonight.
I successfully updated my iPad3 and daughters Mini, but on a wife's iPad2 I have hick up. Its not only keyboard lag, its also whooping 8-10 sec loading times on some apps. I'm puzzled since iPad2 and Mini pretty much same hardware.
Should I do cold reset? 
Third generation is OK, actually I really like iOS7. My wife is very mad at Apple. She has iPad2 and after upgrade hers is slow as hell. She wants iOS6 back.
This is impressive redesign indeed, unlike 6.x. I really like it from what I saw on youtube. iRadio is very promising too. If they add it to AppleTV it remove major disadvantage over Roku3. 
Apple has warranty no different from any other manufacturer. Warranty exchange on my memory always was replace by refurbished unit. The only exception is when it's broken within a month since purchase. But after that - deal with standard warranty practices.
New Posts  All Forums: