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Damn, I renewed wife's contract with Verizon in December Epic fail. Could have her on my network.
Trolling about trolling Selective justice.
- Siri, go away. Siri: I don't see 'away' in your address book.
Very smart decision. 
"They judge me, before they even know me" - Shrek.
#52: elite vs. welfare bankrupts.
No doubts it is. When I travel for work I trade my iPad for daughter's mini. It's perfect for the airplane, especially when you also carry a laptop with you.
If I'm not mistaken when you sign in by different account system will uninstall all apps, purchased by previous account when you try to install new app.
Apple has own huge gaming market - for tablets. If you go out with family for dinner you no longer see kids with Nintendo or PS. All have some kind of tablet - iPads, Kindles, Nexuses. I doubt Apple will into consoles. Everything has to be build from scratch and a bit late into the game.
New Posts  All Forums: