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Your device will be linked with iTune ID you activated it with. This is to avoid "sharing". Probably it has to be installed by your MIS.
    Ah, that makes sense. If I'll do something just for fun it will be for sure app for iPad, my favorite toy. 
  Well, in a real world..... If your client has corporate agreement with HP you will deploy your servers on HP-UX instead of AIX. Or if client is short on budget you'll run them on glassfish or jboss instead of weblogic. You also have to remember that some still will have XP workstations, some Vista, 7s, few 8s. Some will have Citrix farms, some will have staff accessing from outside on Windows terminal server. CPU, RAM, etc... have you seen Pocket PCs? We got those too....
    Correct, except for Nexus devices.
  ^^^ This. Thanks, Mike.
  Our primary platform is Windows/AIX but we have few apps for Android/iOS tablets and for iPod with third party IR scanner. No issues for both.
  Nothing is wrong with 6, at least on Retina and Mini.
    Well, whatever. I just updated my and daughter's iPads and I can bet my wife will find out in few months that there was an update. Not everyone is geek and don't even care. ICS and JB just like completely different software while iOS 6.1 isn't different from 4.x 
     OEMs for android phones have no interest for adoption of newer versions for discontinued hardware. They just release new phones with new software. This is what I meant by different pattern.
     Are you developer? Do you have experience with both iOS and Android? 
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