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  This comparison by version numbers means nothing. Android is used by many manufacturers and has completely different adoption pattern.
        Wasn't this article about iOS? 
He definitely had overheat issue but blamed Windows. That's why I lol'd. If it's a desktop I'll recommend to get better case and to add couple of silent fans on a front and a back.
OMG, our local Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile stores are in serious trouble, same design. 
Did you say sales for it didn't go well? I wouldn't blame. I have same question as for those who bought Asus Transformer. If you need keyboard, attached to a tablet, why won't you buy slim laptop instead? 
          What an amazing tale, brother Grimm!  I actually like the part where you own Windows-based PC  /clap
IMO, Dolphin 3D for iOS/Android > Safari or Chrome.
We're so different, Tallest. You would gratefully accept whatever they give you. I won't. But I'm very interested in this product. I'm looking for replacement for aging LG BD620 and expecting to have even more what it has. And Pandora was deal breaker for us since 90% of time when our TV is on it plays Pandora. It can play music/video over local network, but I want it to look like iPod interface on my car and don't want to replace one dumb BD player with another. In ideal...
Cute little gadget but useless without Pandora. Every modern TV, Blu-ray, AV Receiver has Netflix and Pandora.
I marked with bold for you. There's website for this http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com. Enjoy. My wife calls iOS autocorrect as donkey. When I type I rather will have misspelled word then autocorrected since don't pay much attention.
New Posts  All Forums: